They added the features you wanted and you didn’t have to pay. You just can’t use them although they were in the last version.

I love Clip Studio Paint, and now that I’m digitally drawing as well as the old-fashioned method it serves me well. However I’ve been having some trouble with putting it on my older laptop. I understand that later programs bring about new features that might need more advanced software, including the operating system. However, the problem I’m currently having does not happen with the same feature in Manga Studio 5. It was a free upgrade to Clip Studio and it works okay on my other computer with a slightly later operating system, but that leads to layout problems. I was going to go into more detail for The Clutter Reports this week but surprise events foiled that, so this week’s project was more email clearing. I hope to have some work around solutions but the laptop also gets really warm and that’s not Clip Studio’s fault. Still I have the option in my drawing corner.

I’ve got another Versus article coming this week, but I need to watch the movie in question to refresh my memory before I can properly respond. BW’s Best FNF continues, but that’s all I have to report. I know what I want to write about but we’ll see if I can get to any of it.


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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    There’s always the good old fashioned drawing and coloring by hand when the technology isn’t quite working the way you want it. Here’s an idea for an article: Groovie Ghoulies from Filmation. This also included numerous other toons. Groovie Ghoulies happened to come up recommended on Youtube for me this morning. I watched some of the intro which included showcasing of the different cartoons. That’s what brought this idea to mind just now. There’s so many good shows that Filmation created that I haven’t even seen. I know the ones I’ve seen and like (MOTU, Blackstar, Fat Albert, etc.), but there’s also this amazing world of other Filmation creations. You showed some of them on bwspotlight back in the summer of 2016. Thanks for continuing to spread the word about Filmation’s great legacy, Tronix.

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