This time we’re so close to when the comic came out that I’m not really going to spoil much of anything, or try not to. I know did with the MASK and Robotech comics, but if I was going to explain my problem with them as nostalgic properties(or rather not-stalgic in MASK‘s case, at least Robotech got that part right…more or less, the less being why I lost interest) I kind of had to. This comic has continued for 83 plus + issues (including crossovers and spin-off mini and ongoing series) so at this point it’s solidifies its own continuity. Plus it’s the same writing team as it had when I stopped being able to get these on my own, so I already know the work is good.

When we last left our shell-backed shadow warriors they had traveled to another dimension hoping to figure out what the Rat King was planning, while we readers knew just what he was doing…preparing to drown the orphaned children of New York, some of whom lost their parents after anthropomorphic alien triceratops (I’m not sure what the plural of that is) invaded the planet. It’s nice to see comics that are still weird but fun are hitting store shelves considering the current state of things.

Someone just heard about the live-action Dumbo remake and he doesn’t look happy about it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #83

IDW Publishing (June, 2018)

STORY: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, & Tom Waltz

WRITER: Tom Waltz

ARTIST: Dave Wachter

COLORIST: Ronda Pattison



EDITOR: Bobby Curnow

If you recall from last time, the Turtles went to meet with Manmoth. He’s one of those guys who have to defeat in battle to get him to even talk to you. While he won’t betray his family, even if he doesn’t like Rat King or the others, he does lead the Turtles right where they want to go. Now can they stop Rat King? Meanwhile, April breaks out the Mousers to help the city with the rat problem and Baxter remain in the spotlight so she can keep watching him. And the Purple Dragons and Foot have another team-up.

What they got right: Between the time I was able to collect the series and these past three issues I’ve only seen four of these siblings and Manmoth is easily my favorite. He’s more interesting and probably the only one who hasn’t caused trouble. Outside of trying to kill the Turtles but I think that was a test more than anything else. Used sparingly I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. They seem to be setting up a romance between Casey and Jennika, and while I’d rather see him with April it’s still interesting to watch it develop. And the former Hun reforms nicely. I hope Splinter was wrong and he stays that way. And Mikey gets to be the big hero in this one. It’s nice to see he isn’t just a goofball but does add something to the team.

What they got wrong: Like I said, I’d rather see Casey with April. It still feels weird (and a bit gross) seeing a Rat King that actually eats rats rather than befriending or controlling them. I’m not liking what Manmoth is hinting about Raphael.

Recommendation: I’m happy to see this series is just as good as it was when I stopped being able to collect it. You really should check this series out.

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  1. Sean says:

    With this heat wave coming up, you’ll be rereading this TMNT issue set in Siberia, so you can feel a bit of that Siberian chill! I did like the artwork in this issue, and the fact that a story was set in Siberia, which is a very interesting region of the world. Good use of a woolly mammoth character as Siberia was filled with those creatures in the past. In fact, woolly mammoth bones and tusks are hunted for in Siberia and sold on the black market. In terms of science, there’s a South Korean firm that is trying to find enough viable Siberian woolly mammoth DNA in order to clone one and bring these creatures into the modern era! The Travel Channel show Expedition Unknown featured two episodes in March that focused on this hunt for woolly mammoth DNA in Siberia. So you never know…. we might have our very own real version of Manmoth in the near future!


    • It’s not actually Siberia (I don’t think) but another dimension that happens to be a snowy wilderness.


      • Sean says:

        Oh, something online (before the issue came out) indicated that the Turtles would be traveling to Siberia to meet this Manmoth. Well, that dimension certainly looks like Siberia, and Siberia was the domain of woolly mammoths thousands of years ago. In fact, Paleo-Indians crossed over the landbridge (Beringia) from Siberia into Alaska because they were following the woolly mammoths that they were hunting. Some woolly mammoths were migrating from Siberia into Alaska, and human hunters were right behind them. That’s how and why Indian ancestors got from Siberia into North America.


  2. Sean says:

    Oh, seeing as you mentioned Titan’s Robotech comic…..issue #10 has something interesting at the end of that issue: the Invid Regess and one of her scientists (I think) appear in this Macross issue! I have a feeling that Simon Furman is going to bring the Invid into the Robotech story much sooner than back in the days of Harmony Gold and Comico! At this point, I feel like anything can happen in Titan’s Robotech comics. It’s very unpredictable…which I like because I don’t know what’s gong to happen next. I’m in suspense!


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