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This video, from Shout Factory’s livestream, is four hours long, and the first half hour is just a “starting soon” title card. Still, I’ve mentioned GLOW quite often on this website so I thought you’d want to see it.

Before the Netflix series I haven’t watched because I don’t have Netflix GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling was a thing that existed in the 1980s. Frankly I tried but I could never get into it. The cheezy jokes, the dumb sketches, the corny play-by-play…it just seemed like a joke compared to the ladies wrestling in the WWF, which was good at the time. Then the 1990s happened and they had matches where the ladies were wrestling in Thanksgiving fixings. Geez, even GLOW didn’t have that. Luckily things are better now.

Back to GLOW though. I admit that some of the wrestlers were good, and one of them ended up in the WWE (what the WWF is called today). It’s just they were in GLOW. While they continued the art of “kayfabe” (where the wrestlers didn’t break character even outside of the arena) they didn’t seem to ignore that they were a TV-first wrestling show. In tonight’s Showcase I bring you Shout Factory’s stream, featuring an episode of Shout Factory’s series Classic Wrestling, hosted by pro wrestling interviewing legend “Mean” Gene Okerland. Added to the stream are interviews with classic GLOW wrestlers Hollywood and Godiva and ring announcer Johnny C. Enjoy…I think.

If you want to see more episodes of classic wrestling (without the added interviews and stream bits) you can go to Shout Factory’s free streaming service, or if you want to see the new GLOW head to Netflix. As for classic GLOW there’s a website dedicated to them too.

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