Here’s a blast from the past I’d like to see: the days when this was a superhero comic instead of an urban soap opera.

Steel #43

DC Comics (October, 1997)


WRITER: Priest

ROUGHS: Denys Cowan

FINISHER: Tom Palmer

COLORIST: John Kalisz

SEPARATIONS: Digital Chameleon

LETTERER: Pat Brosseau

EDITOR: Mike McAvennie

When a bunch of drug dealers won’t leave the area nicely, Will-hane blows their crack house up. Meanwhile, Amanda isn’t sure why she doesn’t tell John that Sam is Skorpio, but Sam thinks it’s because she’s into him. Natasha and Paul are still jerks to everybody, and at one point Paul gets a cut on his hand. These are bad on their own, but that’s just the usual annoyances, soap opera stuff, and non-sequiturs this book has been suffering since I started getting it regularly, and why I ultimately dropped it. It’s the tie-in to the “Genesis” event that ruins this issue.

For pretty much all of it John is going around sure that “something” is wrong. Now I know pretty much nothing about this event and I will say that…this issue doesn’t make me any more curious, just more confused. He tries calling Guy but outside of noting an increase of customers to his bar nothing seems wrong to him. Then Superman has a fight with a robot and his electrical powers seem to have problems. With his regular boots supposedly stolen by the racist cops from last issue Steel has to use the boots from the utility costume, and has been getting more and more angry. He actually snaps at Lois when he needs help finding Superman. Clark left the room before Steel arrived because as Superman they’re friends and he might make a connection. When Perry, Jimmy, and even Lois bought his act despite being friends with both of them for years and Steel not thinking about Clark. Had he left to become Superman to calm him down I would understand that.

Superman does confront Steel a little later. He can also sense that’s something is wrong, and not just with his powers. He leaves to investigate but worried about Steel’s current mental state due to whatever Genesis is (nothing to do with the Bible or Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan so don’t even bother) he tells him to stay behind…and protect Metropolis. The guy in high-tech armor who just snapped at his wife and is too unstable to join in the search for answers. Perfect choice, Kal-El. Oh, I forgot to mention that during the trip to Metropolis he has flashbacks that tell him something may potentially be there between him and Amanda, and worrying about Nat (although at this point I’m betting half of the trouble she gets into is her fault and half because Priest’s Jersey City makes Gotham City look like Metropolis…heck, it makes Bludhaven look like Metropolis), and it all culminates into this issue’s biggest problem….

I was bored reading this comic!

Seriously, nothing interesting happens. Unless you count Will-hane singing merrily as he pulls out a 90s cannon and blows up a crack house, or the soap opera with Amanda and Skorpio or Nat pissing off a cabbie so he’ll go faster or her and Paul racing wheelchairs in a hospital. Or John going “something is wrong” every few panels. Or Superman leaving the artificially rage-induced Steel protect his city then his blasting off causing a small electromagnetic pulse that fries Steel’s armor, leaving a cliffhanger of him falling to his doom. Again, this doesn’t make me interested in looking into “Genesis”, it just makes me not want to read this comic. And that’s the total opposite of what they wanted or should be doing.


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