“Sorry, Prime, but Elita-One” is going to prom with me!” “NEVER!”

Transformers: All Hail Megatron #12

IDW Publishing (June 2009)

WRITER: Shane McCarthy

ARTIST: Guido Guidi

COLORISTS: James Brown & Josh Burcham

LETTERER: Chris Mowry

EDITORS: Andy Schmidt & Denton J. Tipton

It’s one big fightin’ finale, as Autobot battles Decepticon for the future of the planet. At the end of it all, Sideswipe gets payback for Sunstreaker, but ends up having to let Hunter die. Kup rescues the soldiers from their Decepticon sleeper agent, and seems to bond with General Witwicky. Omega Supreme takes down Devastator, but blows a hole in the Statue of Liberty to do it. Megatron has Optimus on the ropes until Spike takes a sniper shot with Shockwave’s modified gun. In the end, Starscream takes Megatron’s sad self, which surprises Optimus. However, Starscream claims that Decepticon leadership must be earned, which means Starscream has to defeat Megatron himself. Then there’s the little matter of the nuke on it’s way, but the Autobots are surprised again, when Thundercracker steps up to stop it. The Decepticon decries the slaughter of the “weaker” humans, and says that his group has lost face. Skywarp doesn’t buy it, however, and shoots Thundercracker. Prime offers to help out the people of New York, but Spike isn’t sure a union between human and Autobot is possible.

What they got right: Even with the “Coda” issues being merged into AHM, this is still the finale to a 12-issue arc, and what a finale. It’s a regular battle royal. In the mess, we get some more insight into Decepticon thought processes, and Thundercracker finally lives up to certain aspects of his profile (the part about his doubts), although from a different perspective than I would have thought. Despite some hiccups in this series, everything wraps up nicely outside of the lingering continuity issues from “what if” becoming “what is”, which should be addressed in the “Coda” issues.

What they got wrong: Those hiccups include how Hunter ends up back in his Sunstreaker armor, and a prisoner of the Insecticons. Why ruin his happy ending, especially as it’s one of the few things Furman did right. Also, is Shane (via the opening pages with Sideswipe and Bombshell) suggesting that Sunstreaker only turned traitor because of Bombshell? Does that mean Bombshell just pulled a “Leslie Thompkins“, thus freeing Sunstreaker from any responsibility? That takes the emotion out of it, but I was never a big Sunstreaker fan.

Recommendation: Although the series as a whole had it’s up and downs, I still found it more enjoyable than Furman’s work, and I’m curious to see how the new direction works out. We’ll have to wade past the “Coda” clean-up issues to reach the ongoing series first.

I only continued reviewing this storyline to not end on a cliffhanger. I’ve already reviewed half this series as it came out just before BW Media Spotlight began. I’m not going to go over the Coda issues again but I will link to the then weekly new comic reviews if you’re curious what I thought back then. I want to really get through this collection and review comics that haven’t been reviewed on this site in the past, coming back to these for a re-review if I need to. So next week we’ll get to the Movieverse comics from IDW I haven’t done yet.

  • Issue #13 (scroll down to the third comic of week four, as I did two weeks in that article)
  • Issue #14 (four comics down)
  • Issue #15 (three comics down, needed to do short reviews that week but you should still get the point)
  • Issue #16/FINAL ISSUE (four issues down, also the last edition of This Week’s Reviews before the debut of Jake & Leon)


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