Screencap from Breetai’s appearance on Hoarders.

Robotech Warriors #3


Academy Comics (April, 1995)

WRITER: Bill Spangler

COVER ART: Byron Penaranda

LETTERING: Alphabet Soup

“When Titans Clash”

ARTIST: Byron Peneranda (I don’t know which spelling is correct, the comic uses both)

“Into The Heart Of Chaos”

ARTIST: Jonard Soriano

In the main story Breetai makes contact with the Zentraedi ship and calls in back-up. While Breetai fights Tokalyan’s Invid/Zentraedi hybrid monster the Zentraedi and Rel’Nar forces destroy the Genesis Pit, seemingly killing the scientist as well. Breetai returns to the ship happy at the results, but was it fulfilling the Zentraedi imperative to fight (especially Invid) or is Chun’Da right about there being something else?

What they got right: It’s a good finale as the first bad guys of Robotech defeat the third bad guys of Robotech.

What they got wrong: That’s Tokalyan’s ultimate form for the Invid? The body of a giant wearing an Invid Shock Trooper mecha like a helmet? The thing still has the mecha’s arms. That’s not frighting, it’s laughably silly!

In the back-up story, Miriya makes contact with the victim of the hyperspace mis-fold, who have now become some kind of ascended beings or something. However, they have to use her and her Battlepod as a focus to stop a hyperspace…thing that looks like the head of a bald man (maybe where Tokalyan’s giant’s head went to 😀 ) with tentacles who is trying to break into the regular universe. Then something happens, they win their last fight, and all is well. I like the idea but the ending doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Recommendation: While I’m not sure that the idea of following the Zentraedi in their hunt would work as a full series it does work as a miniseries and I wouldn’t have minded seeing another one at some point, just to see if they could come up with something. The main story is pretty interesting and worth checking out. I just wish the back-up had been as good as it could have been. Maybe that should have been the second miniseries?


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