At this point even Max’s bad expectations are too high.

Yep, as of this writing I’m at 202 subscribers between email and WordPress Reader. (I don’t have stats on RSS feeds.) And while I still have trouble getting more commentors to the posts, I’m glad 202 of you at least are curious what topics I’m discussing. Now if you’d all read them all my stats would be through the roof, but I don’t read every article of every site I read either. Just remember, likes are nice, shares are better, and thank you for your patronage.

And because I’m not allowed to be happy my laptop isn’t booting up (some kind of memory read/write error and memory address line failure) so I had to do this comic on the desktop, where it’s a more awkward set-up than my art corner. That’s an older but recent Clutter Report link where I showed the corner off. This week I took the first breather I’ve had between weather, dentists, and other stuff to relax a bit. I’ll be doing some virtual clutter cleaning this week. And working on the laptop if I have time.

Coming up this week we have one of my favorite Batman and Robin comics in Scanning My Collection and Nightwing returns to “Yesterday’s” Comic. I’m hoping to do a Finally Watched this week, and of course more Superman being dead and Star Trek TNG being born. And we’re beginning the regular Marvel run of Doctor Who. All this and trying to find a source of income. Hopefully there are no distractions this week (especially the part where another loved one is lost…I’ve had enough of that, thank you) so I can focus on these tasks. Maybe I’ll even sneak in one last BW Panelling before the week is out. Now that’s wishful thinking.


About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    Congratulations on the achievement for your website. Also, congratulations for one of your articles getting mentioned on recently. Thank you for posting the youtube video about Science and Magic with Thundercats, etc. on your twitter page. I don’t usually check your twitter page, but I did so this morning and was able to watch that interesting short video. It was very thought provoking. It’s going to be another hot and hot humid week, so stay cool and hydrated.


    • has actually been posting links to the Newspaper Comics articles because some of their team worked on the Dark Horse collection. They don’t do any of my other He-Man content though, like Free Comic Inside, which uses their scans of the minicomics.


      • Sean says:

        Well, it is definitely neat that continues to like what you do with reviewing the Dark Horse collection of He-Man newspaper comics that some of the people worked on. Just so you know, I will be up in Canada’s Quebec Province for the next two weeks. I’ll mostly be on the Gaspe Peninsula hiking and enjoying nature of the forests on the ocean at Parc National du Bic and Forillon National Park (seals, whales, foxes, lynx, porcupines, bears, moose, etc.). So I will have absolutely no computer access until I get back to CT on August 22nd. Once I get back, I will have plenty of articles to look through on bwspotlight. So expect that there will be a bit of time from late August into early September where I’m leaving comments about articles on here that actually come from earlier in August. Playing catch up will be the name of the game.

        Stay cool in the Connecticut heat and humidity, Tronix. I look forward to seeing the interesting things that you worked on for bwspotlight once I return to CT later in the month.


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