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Transformers Cyberverse is the next upcoming Transformers toyline and cartoon. Not a whole lot is known about the show as of this writing. Here’s what I found on the TF Wiki:

Transformers: Cyberverse is an upcoming computer-animated series. Developed by Boulder Media Studio, it is set to premiere on Cartoon Network in Fall of 2018. The story is divided into chapters, with “Chapter One” set to run for 18 episodes, while a second “Chapter” is targeted for a 2019 release. Unlike nearly every other Transformers TV series, episodes will be only 11 minutes in length as opposed to the traditional 22 minutes.

The series focuses on the adventures of Bumblebee; having damaged his memory chips, he and Windblade must recover his missing memories in order to help him remember his mission on Earth. Unfortunately, the Decepticons are after their friends.[1]

The series is intended to “focus more on characters and their mythology”.

It is unknown if this series is a sequel to a previous cartoon, or a complete reboot not set in any prior continuity, as the images released so far use the new evergreen designs.

Well now we have a clip of what the show will look like and I thank Ben’s World Of Transformers for posting it so I could catch it. And now I’m posting it here so you can catch it and see how your thoughts match up to mine.

There’s only so much to judge. Bumblebee is supposed to be amnesiac at this point so I’m hoping that’s not his attitude for the rest of the series, or even the season. Of course I still want the toy of him for my Bumblebee shelf but I’m also missing the recent Robots In Disguise version and the Masterpiece version (which will be harder to get with Toys R Us gone) and probably a few others. But that’s because Bumblebee’s my favorite and while I don’t want every version of him I may end up wanting this one. His vehicle mode is the same but his robot mode looks more like what IDW was going with, such as the headlights forming those oversized shoulder pads. I’m not really a fan of most IDW designs but it looks better here.

He’s also a support to the theory that this will be a new series not set in the “aligned continuity”. While Windblade sounds like the other two Windblades (from RID and the two actresses from the Prime Wars Trilogy) and has the same basic look she is a relatively new toy and unlike other namesakes hasn’t been around long enough to suffer from name reuse. Bumblebee on the other hand has the stingers from Transformers Animated, which were not part of his weapons in Transformers Prime, Robots In Disguise, or Rescue Bots. Also….


Somebody in this video’s comments on YouTube tried to blame it on the amnesia (he doesn’t seem to even know what Autobots, Decepticons, or Cybertron is) while others said “we’ll be seeing flashbacks so we’ll get to hear him talk” but I don’t care. I am so tired of the “Bumblebee can’t talk” nonsense from the movies (which should have been undone in the first movie thanks to the All-Spark but Michael Bay wanted it back for the second movie) and in early Prime and Rescue Bots he just made these odd noises the Autobots could somehow understand. (And Raf but that was never followed up on in the main show and I still need to finish Beast Hunters.) But here it is again. I don’t care why and I don’t care about flashbacks. It’s a dumb gimmick that didn’t need to come back and I never want to see it again.

The art style…is going to take some getting used it. It isn’t bad so much as it’s a serious downgrade from Robots In Disguise, which looked much better. This looks like it has a lower budget attached. There’s no definition to the background or even the robots in the clip. The seeker is kind of boxy. I do like the transformation and the fight scene worked but again it just doesn’t live up to the last series and that’s a bit disappointing.

I’m still going to give the show a shot…if I can find it. Cartoon Network has been so terrible with their action shows, when they have them. I hope they’re going to be full-length so they can develop the season plot better than Rise Of The TMNT and Mega Man: Fully Loaded seem capable of with their limited “two-stories per episode so they can also be shown in shorter segments like they’re on the internet and think kids don’t have enough attention” 15 minute episodes (more like “minisodes” if you ask me) and CN will probably bury it early in the morning like they did Robots In Disguise and Justice League Action, but if I can find it I’m going to give it a good chance. I did with Rise and Mega Man and I only hated Rise. Hopefully I’ll like Cyberverse too.

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  1. […] was hoping that preview we got was unfinished but apparently not. This is the animation we’re getting and it’s […]


  2. […] I’ve posted about this series before, and even posted a few episodes since the show also airs on Hasbro’s official Transformers YouTube channel. And given how poorly Cartoon Network airs the thing unless you can find it to DVR it that’s probably the best way to see it in the US. The first post-Aligned Transformers series, Cyberverse started the first season being about repairing Bumblebee’s memory and finding the rest of the Ark crew and the All-Spark of this continuity. Season two sees no connection to the name, as the Transformers fight their war openly on Earth for the first time since the first Robots In Disguise (the one based on Car Robots) and yet features the least amount of human interaction since Beast Machines. No human allies this time. Plus the episodes are only 11 minutes long because everyone involved doesn’t realize the reasons online cartoons are short come from the budget, not that people want shorter cartoons. I’ve talked all that to death though. […]


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