“These are only the first heads I shall hunt!”

Robotech: Academy Blues #1

Academy Comics Ltd (June, 1995)


WRITER: Robert W. Gibson


Kim disrupts a lecture while trying to get Rolf’s attention. Meanwhile, Lisa keeps ignoring her father’s attempts to contact her but there are still some classmates who think she’ll have it easy because he’s one of the higher-ups in the RDF. Claudia is still avoiding Roy. And I called it: Sammie is working at the Flyer and staying with Lory (Although the job was Sammie’s dad’s idea, insisting she earn her keep and not simply accept Lory’s charity.) Rolf later breaks up a fight between the cadets and some jerks from Civil Defense at the Flyer during Lory’s performance. Also I think he’s smitten with the lady. Sorry Kim.

What they got right: We haven’t seen much of Rolf but the other characters are in keeping with their show counterparts while the new characters are also interesting.

What they got wrong: There were a couple of panels when I could tell if the female characters were women, specifically a panel or two with Kim or one of Rolf’s cadet pilot friends. It might have been the shading for the pilot or maybe it was just me.

Recommendation: A fun issue worth checking out.


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