I want to test out an actual logo for Saturday Night Showcase. Under three titles this is the longest-lasting topic on this site and I never made a logo. I used an image generator and I kind of like it but I still want to go back and make it myself. Still, I’d like some feedback.

The font used is rather plain (probably on purpose) and I want a custom marquee but it’s a good test.

Meanwhile, Marvel Animation is doing a test of its own. Marvel Rising is taking some of the lesser known teen heroes (unless you count the fact that Ms. Marvel was actually in the recent Avengers cartoon) and giving them a chance to show off what they can do. Marvel HQ, one of their YouTube channels, posted a collection of the web-premiere shorts, “Initiation”, which introduces the heroes–Ms. Marvel, Ghost Spider, Squirrel Girl, Patriot, and Quake–and sets up the plot for the first storyline if not the first season. Let’s see how it holds up.

If you thought “awesome acorns” was annoying once, try listening to it every five minutes. That alone makes this collected version worth it! So let’s take a quick look at each of the characters:

  • Ghost Spider: I’ve heard some disagreement with this rename of “Spider-Gwen”, an alternate universe Gwen Stacy who gets the spider bite instead of Peter and that’s all I know about her. It’s Gwen Frickin’ Stacy so I don’t care. One person suggested “Spider-Ghost”, to match up with the comic’s title but frankly I don’t mind Ghost Spider, and it helped when she had to prove she and Kevin were friends because the writer played off of how teen girls act with the friendship bracelet. GS instead of SG keeps her identity better. Kevin takes the place of Peter, who died in Spider-Gwen’s world and this could turn out to be a really good storyline.
  • Quake & Patriot: Quake is going to be Daisy’s superhero name by the way. They’re both junior SHIELD agents and what little I see of them I like. I’m hoping Patriot finds out early that Ghost Spider is innocent because this bit can only go on so long before it gets in the way of the story and not just the search for the real villain. Daisy seems interesting.
  • Captain Stacy and Gwen’s civilian friends: In the Spider-Gwen comic Gwen is in a band. Whether this is supposed to be the actual Mary Jane Watson or not I don’t know. It is in the comic, but it’s in an alternate universe where the other characters don’t exist. I think it also depends on whether or not this show is in continuity with the current Spider-Man comic. There isn’t much to them. As for Captain Stacey, I hope he’s not a general “I hate superheroes” type of guy and can be made to believe Ghost Spider in innocent before he arrests his own daughter for a crime she’s innocent of.
  • Kevin Nolastname: I’m sorry he’s dead. I don’t see it as “fridging” because he was created to die rather than ruining a perfectly good existing character but they needed a motivator for this show and that works. Still, he seemed like a real nice kid. I wonder what his Inhuman name would have been. By the way, that’s a misstep on the show’s part. If you followed the comics during Marvel’s attempt to replace the characters they didn’t have the movie license for until Disney bought 20th/21st Century Fox you know the story of the Terragen Mists. If not this is not explained and to most of the potential viewers of this show this probably made no sense.
  • Ms. Marvel: I liked her portrayal here as well. She seemed excited but level-headed and had a nice personality. She has stretchy powers but a bit more limited than Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man as she can only grow some or all parts of her body. I’m curious to see what’s done with her since she’s supposed to be a superhero fangirl. Her only other trait in the comics is that she’s Muslim so hopefully she’s more than “superhero fangirl Muslim” and shows some good character.
  • Squirrel Girl: Oh dear god is she annoying! It’s like Ms. Marvel on hyperactive mode. That whole “we need to shout out our attacks like we’re in an anime” plan made me roll my eyes and worse of all it worked. I haven’t seen the character since she got the frumpy makeover in the comics but if she’s this bad in the comics now I really don’t care. At least she did something other than send an army of squirrels at them. I wouldn’t mind if we got rid of her but somehow kept Tippy-Toe. Hopefully they’ll tone her down some, more like Ms. Marvel.

Overall not a bad start. I don’t know when the show begins but I might check it out.


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