Sorry there was no posting yesterday. I couldn’t get to my dad’s computer, my computers are still inaccessible, and trying to use even the external keyboard for my tablet is a chore.

While you can find fans for almost anything, just some harder to find than others, the consensus in the circles I travel in is that the New 52 was a bad idea. While a few good stories came out of it it was at the cost of beloved characters and much of what made the DC Universe more interesting than the Marvel Universe for many of us. Linkara’s video in the “Jimquisition” style pretty much says it all.

But I want to focus on another video by Professor Geek. Via Bendis’ destruction of Superman, G. Willow Wilson’s take on Wonder Woman, and a recent DC Nation magazine that may indicate that Dan Didio not only hasn’t given up on the darker Marvelesque style of the New 52 (while Marvel is slowly ditching the superhero concept and “hero’s journey”) but is actively working to bring it back.

So Wonder Woman returns to being a Kratos/Xena hybrid, Batman is going to get it all piled on him, and Superman becomes “emotionally detached” after Bendis already retconned Krypton’s destruction and sent Lois and their son off to who knows where with evil Jor-El. I think we have a new one for the “Death Of DC” category because it looks like we’re going back to the darker DC Didio tried to create even before the New 52.

I had a feeling “Rebirth” wasn’t going to last long, and it turned out I was right to be cautious. Figures. If you thought “Doomsday Clock” claiming they were responsible for the missing good years, it looks like we aren’t getting that time back. Thanks, Doctor Manhattan. I guess messing up your own universe wasn’t enough; you had to go after the DC Universe too. As Dan Didio apparently. Actually, they are both bald….

Check out more from Professor Geek on his YouTube channel as he discusses superhero mythology and archetypes and why they matter to our culture.


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  1. […] cannon fodder so the writer can feel dark and edgy like Watchmen and DiDio is happy Tom King is killing off the sidekicks because he hates the very concept. If your hero dies he or she BETTER go out in a blaze of glory, […]


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