She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power is the re-imagination of She-Ra: Princess Of Power, the spin-off of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. The Princess Of Power toyline is the girls version of Masters Of The Universe, although Mattel took that a bit too far, as Free Comic Inside has noted.

Now I’ve discussed what’s come out about Dreamworks’s new take and I’ve had mixed feelings on it. It could be good, but will it be such a poor adaptation that they might as well not have bothered? As an experiment I recorded a live reaction via my tablet (since the computers are still down) and here are my thoughts, but first let me show you the actual trailer so you can follow along.



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  1. Sean says:

    I didn’t watch the first She-Ra cartoon in the 80s, so I also won’t be watching the new She-Ra cartoon of the present. Besides, I don’t have Netflix anyhow. You amazingly created a 30 minute commentary video based on a one minute and two second teaser clip! Imagine how long your commentary video will be if you get to see a 30 minute episode of the actual cartoon!


    • Without a script I have a bad habit of rambling too much. I think that’s one of the problems with my livestreams but this was partly to test the tablet as a way to do it.


      • Sean says:

        Don’t worry about it. It was decent commentary. You sounded very informed about both versions of She-Ra. On a kind of related note, I didn’t get to read my 2012 Masters of the Universe comics as planned today. So my written reactions on issues 1, 2, and 3 as originally planned won’t be happening this weekend. And thus my written reactions for issues 4,5, and 6 that were planned for next weekend will have to be moved up. Maybe I’ll get to read issue 1 before the end of Sunday and then I can put up my reaction to it.


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