“Warning sign? At the garbage dump?”

Robotech: Return To Macross #23

Academy Comics, Ltd (July, 1995)

“War Of The Believers” part 2: “Passing The Torch”

WRITER: Bill Spangler

ARTIST: Wes Abbott

LETTERER: Alphabet Soup

Nina meets with Roy in hopes she can talk Emil out of the debate. In turn Roy tries to show her the SDF-1 isn’t the monster she thinks it is, which Claudia misunderstands. Meanwhile, Anatole threatens Charles with knowledge of his attempt to kill Roy back in issue #4 (which I don’t own), but Charles decides to tell Roy himself, and how seeing Roy save people with the Veritech Battloid convinced him that Robotechnology isn’t all bad. However, someone kills Charles before he can appear on a talk show to denounce the violent arm of the Faithful.

What they got right: A nice bit of continuity with why Charles left the Faithful and Macross Island. The arc is ramping up nicely as the stakes get raised but unlike some modern writers I don’t think Spangler is out to torture his characters or make some social-political statement. It’s just following the story naturally.

What they got wrong: I know in the show Claudia would get jealous of Roy when fangirls showed up, but that was usually played for laughs. Here it just isn’t as amusing and I’m hoping she doesn’t do something stupid.

Recommendation: This is still a really good series and story arc. Worth checking out if your a fan of the show.



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  1. Sean says:

    In Titan’s Robotech comic book, Roy Fokker might be dead….having been killed by a Roy Fokker look alike (at least that’s what the end of issue #12 showed).


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