“I’m bored with faces. I’m going for spleens now.”

Transformers: Saga Of The All-Spark #1

IDW Publishing (July, 2008)

originally published by Titan Magazine (UK)

WRITER: Simon Furman

LETTERER: Jimmy Betancourt



“Optimus Prime”

ARTIST: Geoff Senior

COLORIST: Robin Smith


ARTIST: Nick Roche

COLORIST: Liam Shalloo

Saga Of The All-Spark are reprints of the first storyline in Titan’s Transformers Comic magazine, printed over eight issues of the original run. (It’s kind of like the Doctor Who magazines.) The stories are tied in to IDW’s “Movie Prequel” miniseries.

The first story is the launch of the All-Spark, told from Optimus Prime’s perspective. As he contemplates the weight of his action in sending what is basically the heart and power source of Cybertron into deep space to keep Megatron from using that great power to conquer the universe Megatron sends an armored drone to track him down. When it detects the All-Spark however, Optimus has to hurry to destroy it just as the All-Spark is launched. I’ve made it quite clear in the Transformers: Generation Two comic reviews from the Marvel run that I am not a fan of Geoff Senior’s art style and he apparently hadn’t evolved in the past decade since. Also for some reason Optimus’ robot mode is his Earth configuration right down to the flames, but he didn’t get those until he landed on Earth. Meanwhile he transforms into that space pod like form from the toy line and the crash landing scene from the first movie. The story is okay but I’m not a fan of the art.

The second continues from there and sets up the rest of the story arc. Megatron heads after the All-Spark as he sees it launching. However, in this story Ratchet, Jazz, and Ironhide try to use tractor beams to slow him long enough for the All-Spark to enter a wormhole with one entry but multiple potential exit points. They manage to slow him long enough that he ends up in a different exit than the All-Spark, but he sends Devastator (Brawl’s intended name before the movie actually happened, but according to the TF Wiki the UK comic would later pass him off as a different character) with a “foldspace warhead” for a good-bye present. It sends all four of them (and possibly the defeated Bumblebee, although that would contradict the Movie Prequel) across space, setting up the storyline. It’s okay. Roche does a better job making the characters look like their pre-Earth mode movie counterparts and his “anatomy” is much better. The problem with the UK comics is the rotating art teams and it makes for an inconsistent experience. As far as the set-up it’s functional but I’m not sure if I call the wormhole contradictory or not. I thought Megatron was just barely keeping up with it until it came to Earth, but I guess this works, too.

As a set-up story this issue works okay but it will be the next few issues that ultimately demonstrates if this miniseries is any good or not.

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