Normally I wouldn’t bother but since it’s so close to my recent reviews of the “Dogs Of Doom” storyline from the Doctor Who Weekly reprints I thought it would be interesting to post this here. Every October Lewis Lovhaug does a video series of short reviews focusing on horror and horror-themed comic stories. Instead of Linkara we have Moarte (a name suggested by one of my former Reviewers Unknown colleagues Arthur Knowledge if memory serves), a host in the “vein” of late-night horror hosts like Elvira or Svengoolie. (Although MeTV moved Svengoolie to prime time but he was late night.) The show is called Longbox Of The Damned and in yesterday’s episode he looked at the Marvel US reprint of this storyline.

If you want to recall what I thought of the IDW reprint here’s those two issues. I think the Marvel colors are better suited for the story.

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