When have the heroes NOT been in crisis since DiDio took over?

I’ll go over this more later this week but DiDio does have a problems with the Titans, although oddly it’s the same time DC’s streaming service is unleashing a show about the Titans, but they didn’t kill one from the show. Although they do have Nightwing nearly dead, and DiDio has wanted to kill him off before. He also does seem to want to bring back the style of the New 52/DC You that fans rejected. I don’t think he understands why they did Rebirth. Then there’s Tom King’s treatment of Batman as well as writing the Heroes In Crisis comic where the body count of heroes continues, but like I said, I’ll get into it later this week. I’ll also look at the Titans show chasing potential fans off with it’s darker tone and the full trailer for She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power is out so we have a better idea what to expect. We’re also nearing the end of The Death & Life Of Superman (insert Brian Michael Bendis joke here) and getting to deeper character profiles from the season one writer’s bible for Star Trek: The Next Generation. Full week if I can pull it off.

Meanwhile, the Clutter Reports had my recent review of Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet so I could finish setting up the laptop to resume digital comics and get this comic out. I’m just linking to the BW review because there are no changes anyway.

In comics we’re back to the Marvel US reprints of the Fourth Doctor UK comics and getting out of the War Of The Believers arc of Robotech: Return To Macross to see what’s happening in Academy Blues. I may have to place it elsewhere in my collection for continuity’s sake when I’m done. So let’s see how much of my agenda I manage to pull off.


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  1. Sean says:

    Every time I come on the site now, two to three ads will pop up right away. One huge ad at the top of the page and one or two smaller ads below it. This didn’t start happening until last Friday.


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