Ratchet’s reaction to “Age Of Extinction”.

Transformers: Saga Of The All-Spark #2

IDW Publishing (August, 2008)

originally published by Titan Comics

WRITER: Simon Furman

LETTERER: Jimmy Betancourt




IDW EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

Ratchet: “Lost In Space” part one

(originally published in Transformers Comics #3


Devastator: “Lost In Space” part two

(originally published in Transformers Comics #4)

ARTIST: Don Figueroa

COLORIST: Robin Smith

The first story finds Ratchet on an alien planet due to last issue’s spacefold. This planet is also involved in a civil war, but Ratchet defeats the local tyrant and forms a peaceful alliance since he technically now rules the planet. Ratchet is all about saving lives, so they got that part right, but it’s odd seeing him not be some kind of medical vehicle and I don’t know how he would know which side to take. For all he knew he could be helping the wrong side. I guess he just got lucky. Meanwhile, Wildman had a good robot design but he barely if at all resembles Bayverse Ratchet.

Meanwhile, Devastator ended up on a dead world with nobody to beat up and he’s not happy about it. It turns out some kind of flame from space was responsible for turning the peaceful people against each other and killing each other off. It also messes with Devastator’s head, but since he already has a lust for killing he just gets a recharge and blasts off to space. It might be an interesting character study if the character meant anything. Figueroa’s art is closer to the movie aesthetic and resembles Brawl (since this was a misname later retconned into a new character) a lot more than Wildman’s art resembled Ratchet.

Overall though it’s not a very interesting story. It’s just a couple of short tales that doesn’t really do much besides have good ideas. Perhaps if the stories had been longer like Transformers Spotlight I’d be more impressed, but these were short strips from a magazine and ultimately doesn’t seem to be a must-own miniseries thus far. Unless something happens in the next two issues it’s not worth tracking down.

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