No, Lisa, this isn’t one of Titan’s alternate covers.

Robotech: Academy Blues #2

Academy Comics Ltd. (August, 1995)


WRITER: Robert W. Gibson

ARTIST: Tavisha Wolfgarth

The cadets get their first taste of the simulators. While some of Lisa’s classmates are looking to play with the VR and one just wants to mess with the computers, Claudia is trying to get the class a chance to visit the SDF-1, but there’s some concern about Vanessa since her brother is one of the Faithful spies, but Claudia and later Dr. Lang get that all settled, so he can take the cadets on a tour of the ship.

What they got right: If Sean Bishop couldn’t work on this issue for some reason Wolfgarth is a good substitute. While I think Bishop nails the design and Wolfgarth adds a bit of her own art style they do look like the characters and she’s a good artist. Having Vanessa and Leeds (they share a last name) connected allows Academy Blues to be connected to Return To Macross without being drawn into the current storyline. They’re also both connected to Dr. Wilbur. The cadets visiting the spacefortress will allow us to see things from their perspective and allow Gibson to play with the tech a bit. There’s also a fun exchange between Claudia and Lang.

What they got wrong: Although I’m thinking I had this placed wrong in my collection because right now Lang should be more worried about his missing sister. The title and opening of Lisa’s letter to Karl don’t really match up with the story. There’s no theme of playing a part or acting or anything. And I’m guessing Rolf had a better concept on English/Japanese/whatever grammar by the time of the Masters story because he talks like he just learned something other than Russian recently. I’m wondering if Vanessa’s family is going to be a problem in the future as well because this thread kind of got cut a bit too fast.

Recommendation: A good story and I hope we are getting the trip inside the SDF-1 next issue. Worth looking into.


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  1. Sean says:

    Seeing as you mentioned a Titan Robotech cover with your cover comments……in Titan’s Robotech issue #13, it’s revealed that Lisa Hayes’ mother is alive and a United Earth Government senator. Admiral Hayes and Senator Hayes are both in on the charade that the people of the SDF-1 and Macross City are all dead. That’s the official propaganda release by Earth’s leaders while the SDF-1/Macross City is actually in space not being allowed to land on Earth. The SDF-1’s Captain Lisa Hayes is considering defying her parents and the United Earth Government by just landing on Earth anyhow. At least that’s what it looks like what will happen in Issue #14. In issue #13, Lisa Hayes’ parents are even talking about the possibility of really eliminating her and the others on the SDF-1! Talk about ruthlessness! The Hayes won’t get the parents of the year award, that’s for certain!


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