“This is not what they mean by seafood.”

Batman Beyond #3

DC Comics (January, 2000)

“Zoologically Speaking”

WRITER: Hilary J. Bader

PENCILER: Craig Rosseau

INKER: Rob Leigh

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Darren Vincenzo

A scientist is attacked by splicers for her gene data. Batman and Bruce realize it has to be Dr. Cutler back, and believe he is now oversplicing his subjects, causing the animal instinct to take over. Terry goes to an underground splicer bar (splicing is now illegal) to find a lead and meets a tiger working to find new subjects, since splicing still has a following. However, the tiger is just trying to be reunited with his mate. Cutler isn’t turning people into animals, he’s splicing animals with human DNA. Batman befriends the tiger and the two defeat Cutler. With his mate still a tiger, he takes the antidote and the two are taken to a zoo where they’re happy together.

What they got right: It’s nice to see the comic continue following this story. The idea of scientifically produced anthropomorphic being is something that should have come up more often during the show’s run. Cutler also makes a decent villain for the Beyond version of Batman.

What they got wrong: My memory may be off but didn’t he further mutate at the end of the episode? He’s just his second form, the chimera snake tail thing. I know he’s trying to be human again but how did he get back to this form?

Recommended: A good story. Worth checking out.

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