I hear Dian is taking up a collection so Batman doesn’t have to shill breakfast cereal anymore.

Batman: Gotham Adventures #20

DC Comics (January, 2000)

“…And So Delicious!”

WRITER: Scott Peterson

PENCILER: Tim Levins

INKER: Terry Beatty

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Darren Vincenzo

Batman and Robin intercept a stolen truck containing the new hot breakfast cereal “Eden’s Own”. Curious why it’s so popular some would steal it and others will eat only it, Batman sends Nightwing in under cover to get a job at the company that produces the cereal, and finds out it is the creation of Poison Ivy. Even Nightwing starts being affected by the cereal, but Batman figures out how she’s controlling people and ends her scheme.

What they got right: I enjoy the stories that require the team to do actual detective work and solve things rather than just force information out of people. This version of Tim Drake isn’t the amazing detective his comics counterpart is, but even here Batman is supposed to be a great detective and Nightwing seems to have picked up a few tricks in the undercover disguise department. It’s also neat seeing Batman and Batgirl discussing “shop talk” while saving people. It’s kind of routine but it’s still important for them.

What they got wrong: Why and when did Ivy take time to change into her usual outfit and out of her business suit? And I know Ivy gained various plant abilities but I’m pretty sure she still needs oxygen like people do.

Recommendation: A good Batman adventure worth checking out.

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