About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    If only you were a Time Lord….then you could give yourself more time to work on your multiple projects. Seriously though, you’re probably trying to do too many projects at once. Whittle it down to a more manageable list. For example, your projects goal for from November 10th to December 25th should be:

    1) Do the Art Sound Off videos for November
    2) Make sure the Christmas Review video is done before December 25th.
    3) Make sure the Captain Yuletide comic is completed before December 25th.

    Just focus on those 3 things, and you will happy with what you accomplish. After Christmas, come up with another 2 month plan for your projects concerning January and February.

    Also, remember that when you get a job again, you will have much less time available for working on projects. That’s also why it’s better to have a more manageable list of what you hope to accomplish within a month or two month span of time.

    Hope this helps! Until you can get your own Tardis, try this out:)


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