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Doctor Who #11

Marvel Comics Group (August, 1985)

US COVER ART: Dave Gibbons


COVER COLORIST: George Roussos

Doctor Who: “The Deal” and “End Of The Line” part one

(originally presented in Doctor Who Weekly #53)

WRITER: Steve Parkhouse

ARTIST: Dave Gibbons

EDITOR: Alan McKenzie

“Star Tigers” part three

(originally presented in Doctor Who Monthly #s 44-45, I think…this issue didn’t list them so I’m guessing based on a wiki entry)

WRITER: Steve Moore

ARTIST: Steve Dillon

EDITOR: Dez Skinn

Let’s get through this fast. The first story has a paid soldier nearly crash into the TARDIS but is saved thanks to a wonky gravity generator on the ship. So he basically tricks the Doctor into helping him fight until the Doctor repairs the TARDIS and escapes, and the soldier dies. Frankly this one didn’t really interest me. Things happen but none of it is all that spectacular, like they just needed an eight page story to fill the issue.

The second tale is a bit longer but it involves cannibals. Cannibals are zombies who should know better and fictional cannibals don’t eat anything except people. I hate cannibal stories. The Doctor does get saved by a ninja who turns out to be a Caucasian woman named Angel who leads a group opposing the cannibals in the bombed out city and they swear revenge. This one might be good but I’m admittedly too biased against cannibal stories to care.

Even the latest chapter in Abslom Daak’s story only works if you’ve been following the storyline like I have. Daak recruits two more members on his team, an Ice Warrior named Harma who works at a place where people pay to get murdered (seriously), and a man named Yol Mercurious (who has a history with Daak but he thinks would be worth having on his Dalek killing spree) whose card game with a robot he doesn’t know is being played out for real until Daak takes him away and the man turns the robot off. The whole thing is a bit dark for me but at least Yol’s introduction was interesting and both of them sound like interesting additions. Then again, we learn Yol is the one who stole Daak’s last love interest and that ends up anti-climactic.

So basically? This isn’t that great an issue. Too dark for my tastes and I’m hoping we see these Dalek hunters actually hunt some Daleks soon. This one is worth skipping.

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  1. Sean says:

    Doctor Who #11 is one of my favorites because it was the first Doctor Who comic book I ever bought. I bought it in 1986 in the back issues of a comic store in the area where I grew up. For a middle schooler like me in 1986 to have found a Doctor Who comic just a few months after my friend Tim introduced me to the world of Doctor who was quite magical indeed. So there’s lots of nostalgia value for me with issue #11. I still have it. So glad that I never sold any of my Doctor Who comic books or novels.


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