There really is a lot of debris in space.

Transformers: Official Movie Adaptation #4


IDW Publishing (June, 2007)

STORY: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, & John Rogers

SCREENPLAY: Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman

ADAPTATION: Kris Oprisko

ARTIST: Alex Milne

COLORIST: Josh Perez, aided by Zac Atkinson, Josh Burcham, Andrew Elder, Kieran Oats, & Rob Ruffolo

FLATTING ASSIST: Mark Bristow & Lisa Moore

Seriously? It’s an average comic size with average panel size for 2007 and you not only needed five colorists to aid the main one, you needed two other people to assist with the flats? (That’s the base colors before the shading or sometimes just marking the spaces to be colored.) That’s eight people total to color 22 pages and some cover art. That seems a bit excessive to me.

LETTERER: Chris Mowry

EDITOR: Chris Ryall

Sam and Mikaela fill in the gaps for the others about Megatron and the All-Spark just before the Decepticons arrive. Bumblebee, Sam, and Mikaela escape with the All-Spark and join the Autobots alongside Lennox’s team and a huge battle erupts in the city. Jazz is killed as Megatron chases after Sam and the cube. At Optimus’ urging Sam uses the All-Spark cube to destroy Megatron at the cost of the cube itself. Sector Seven is shut down and the bodies of Jazz and the defeated Decepticons dropped in a deep trench to hide as much from the public as possible. The Autobots settle in to their new lives on Earth and send out a call to their allies that they’re still alive.

What they got right: As with the last three issues the comic fixes a lot of the mistakes made by the movie. The lineart and alternate color choices make it easier (at least comparatively) to understand the action and whose fighting whom than the movie designs did. A lot of the clutter is removed. Sam and Mikaela aren’t making out on top of Bumblebee’s hood. The annoying hacker man isn’t here. They don’t just drop the bodies in the trench but actually send a nuke in to bury it. We don’t have animated machinery on the rampage thanks to the All-Spark, adding to the chaos. I don’t even miss most of it.

What they got wrong: We do lose the fight with Frenzy in the Sector Seven base. Hacker girl is still here but outside of “donating” her cellphone to the All-Spark demonstration that doesn’t factor into the final battle in the city anymore she doesn’t really do anything and neither does the Secretary Of Defense. Since Simmons isn’t a self-righteous joke of a jerk in this version Lennox threatening him doesn’t carry as much cheering as it did in the movie. But comparing the comic to the movie I’ll take the victories I’m handed.

Recommendation: I liked the first movie because it had potential but the sequels tossed out that potential more and more with each one. Still, I do admit some major flaws with it and the miniseries corrects those flaws. Worth picking up to see how it could have been done better.

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