No, no, I’m reviewing the Iron Man comic tomorrow.

JLA: Year One #7

DC Comics (July, 1998)

“The American Way”

WRITERS: Mark Waid & Brian Augustyn

PENCILER: Barry Kitson

INKER: Michael Bair

COLORIST: Pat Garrahy



EDITOR: Peter Tomasi

The Justice League pays a visit to Simon Carr to find out who their benefactor actually is, but while he refuses to say who it is J’onn uses his telepathy to at least confirm he has noble goals. Also at the club are Bruce Wayne, talking on the phone to Oliver Queen about a proposal, and Maxwell Lord. The other heroes are a bit put off by J’onn’s telepathy but ultimately accept it. Dinah opens up to her cop friend about her problem without admitting to any superhero stuff. Meanwhile Locus has perfected their ability to create new bodies and are now ready for the apocalypse. Unaware of this the League battle time-traveling “weapons master” Xotar (because names get weirder in the future) and is helped by Superman. The Flash takes the opportunity to finally ask him to join the Justice League, but Superman turns him down.

What they got right: We get another good moment of character development for Dinah. We get some good action, and the Locus subplot gets some advancement. We also get a nice fake-out with Ralph. (Not Dibney.)

What they got wrong: It’s tough for me watching the people who have befriended the other Leaguers knowing the twist that’s coming. Isn’t Superman’s telescopic vision usually depicted in a different to set it apart from the red heat vision?

Recommendation: A good issue. This is a good maxi-series thus far. I hope it remains so in the remaining issues.

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