Father/daughter bonding, Gotham style.

Batman: Gotham Adventures #22

DC Comics (March 2000)

“Minute Differences”

WRITER: Scott Peterson

PENCILER: Tim Levins

INKER: Terry Beatty

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Darren Vincenzo

Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon separately answer a jailbreak and end up fighting off a small riot. They learn two brothers escaped and work together to track them down, also finding their sister was part of the break and protecting them. It turns out that their mother was dying and they wanted to see her one last time, but they were too late. When one of the brothers, a serial killer, gets mad at the heroes for slowing them down, the commissioner points out that not only would he have had plenty of time if he didn’t go on a killing spree but many of his victims had families that couldn’t say a final goodbye either. With the three siblings in jail Batgirl spends some time talking to the rest of the Bat-Family before Barbara decides to spend time with her father.

What they got right: I like seeing Batgirl working with her father (although it’s never really clear if he secretly knows it’s her). It’s just interesting how their dynamic works. I think there’s also a nod to that one episode where Batgirl, after being hit by Scarecrow’s fear gas (something that will come up in a later Batman Beyond comic I’ll be reviewing), has a nightmare about her dying and Gordon’s extreme response to Batman, Robin, and Nightwing. I also liked seeing Gordon put the killer in his place for not being able to say a final farewell to his mother before she passed. (The other brother was in for a minor crime but figured he couldn’t wait a few extra days for a parole hearing.)

What they got wrong: I’m not sure how the title works. I’ve seen a few other titles not make sense but I could be missing something on this one.

Recommendation: This is the kind of tale some modern writers claim or act like they’re trying to tell but don’t do nearly as well. It’s about family, has some good superhero and investigative scenes, and was just enjoyable to read without being bogged down with unnecessary grittiness or questionable moral stances. And this was the kids-targeted comic. Worth giving a read and one of my favorite issues in the series, and of the few Batgirl tales I’ve read.


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