Every Christmas I like to take a look and see what Christmas displays are being posted online. I almost missed that this year, but luckily I remembered just in time. I’ve seen a number of news reports about people complaining about Christmas displays with some rather dumb reasoning. It’s one month (and whatever number of days are left after Thanksgiving) out of the year. Just relax and enjoy.

Here at BW Media Spotlight, the royal We loves these set-ups, even I don’t have the room for it or could afford the electric bill. I also lack the technical skill to put some of these together, as it takes a lot of programing to sync the lights to music and window projections even if they seem to all use the same covers. (Maybe it comes with the kits?)  Some are set-up for charity promotions. “If you like our display, give to charity” kind of deals, or else donations to pay the aforementioned electric bill.

So let’s just get over to YouTube and check out some really good ones. Actually, I’m going to start with a cute bit of news about one display that at least shows he meant well. Because we all need to boost our faith in humanity now and then.

Everybody meant well and it all worked out in the end. It is nice to see someone trying to help someone else out and it was an honest mistake. At least we can all laugh about it, right?

Here’s part of a playlist from Denver, Colorado. Someone pointed out the neighbor’s sign.

Apparently you don’t need a house to set up Christmas displays. YouTube channel The Tim Tracker took a tour of the Fort Wilderness campground at Walt Disney World and found some Disney empire branded displays.

Usually I focus on outdoor displays but this family also has one of those Christmas village miniature displays that looks really good.

I like to end these article on one of those big projection mapping shows. This year I have “Miraculeux Christmas”, shown on the outside of the Eurosat CanCan Coaster in Germany’s Europa Park.

Do you folks out there know of any great Christmas displays or events? Let us know in the comments.

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