David (played by Northern Calloway in the show and this recording) performs the poem, The Night Before Christmas on Sesame Street, from the album Merry Christmas From Sesame Street, which I think I still have around here somewhere. It was written by David Axlerod and Sam Pottle for the album. It’s name comes from Clement C. Moore’s poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” but despite what the poster stated I don’t think it’s a parody.

For you younger folks, David was one of the human characters on Sesame Street and apparently the character used to date Maria. I thought she and Luis were always a couple. I wonder why the show changed that? He left in 1989, explained as him moving to his grandmother’s farm. He had taken over Mr Hooper’s store after his passing away (both the actor and the character), and turned it over to Mr. Handford, whoever that is. I was kind of away from the show by that point. Yes, even the guy who watches Paw Patrol has kids shows he doesn’t watch anymore. Although I did try to watch a few episodes recently and the half-hour format HBO stuck them with really turn the show formulaic. It’s kind of sad.

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  1. […] Yesterday’s post about The Night Before Christmas On Sesame Street got me thinking of the Christmas album it came from, which I have somewhere around here. Then it got me thinking of the Christmas special that some of those songs came from, and after taking a look around YouTube I found it. Christmas Eve On Sesame Street is a 1978 Christmas special that aired on PBS, not to be confused with a CBS special that wasn’t as good. This one lacks the spelling and counting lessons but the comedy and stories they had back then are still intact. In fact one of them inspired my Jake & Leon Christmas special from many years back. I of course added it to my new Christmas special playlist. […]


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