Did you spot the cameo?

If not, check out Captain Yuletide #5. They should be pretty easy to spot.

The Clutter Reports returns next week, and I did a quick post about that. I also did something I said I was going to do a year ago and I’m taking a break from Patreon. I don’t think anybody goes there and it’s just early access to stuff I post here. Nobody supports me there anyway, and I don’t know what I can offer to gain Patreon support. I’m also worried about some recent decisions they made that makes me question their commitment to free speech but that’s a whole other topic. I do still plan to update the rewards and milestones but considering how little it’s helped me and been more of a time waste reformatting an article between sites for no results I can’t get better through here it’s not a priority. I had hoped that I could make some money to help out around here but a job really is my only option at the moment. I am taking suggestions for rewards though. I want to give you guys my best and to get better and that’s what most of the money would go towards, but what are you going to do?

We also may be ready to change cable providers again and I most likely will lose my own phone line, which is going to be an adjustment but that’s how badly I need income, whether it’s a job or somehow BW projects lead to something. That means all the movies on my Finally Watched list need to be watched. I plan to make a file of all my reviews before I lose this DVR and still post them with some decent spacing. Hopefully that will give me time to find any movies I’m going to lose and find more movies on my list. I may post one of those this week but I don’t want to use them up at all once.

In comic reviews this week the Marvels will be reaching the “Eighth Day” story arc on Tuesday, a minor crossover event that I remember liking at the time. We’ll also be reaching the final leg of Transformers comics with a few comics based on Transformers Animated, only one of which I’ve actually reviewed when it came out. The miniseries and preview Free Comic Book Day issue I’ll be reviewing this week came out before I started the site. After that Transformers will be done outside of a few trade collections of UK stories I’ll be saving for Scanning My Collection.

If you want me I’ll be reading want ads and watching movies.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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