Apparently I need to review those other Ghostbuster comics I have because their covers aren’t in my media library.

I haven’t watched the rebooted Ghostbusters movie (it’s on my Finally Watched list) but one of the problems I have out of the box isn’t the all-female cast but that it’s a reboot rather than setting the all-female cast in…I don’t know, Chicago or something, and continuing the continuity. Although if I really had my choice I’d just continue Real/Extreme Ghostbusters animated universe since that’s what turned the first movie into a franchise. Good luck with that given how Hollywood treats cartoons in movies and even TV.

However, fans have wanted the teased proper sequel for years, to the point that the recent video game is seen by some fans as the third movie. Well, it looks like they’re trying again. Whether or not they succeed this time is anyone’s guess. Nobody asked me to work on it, because they know I’d sneak in a friendly nod to the original Filmation shows or just do an outright crossover and they couldn’t handle it.


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