No, no, that’s how you make baby Pumamen!

JSA #25

DC Comics (August, 2001)

“The Return Of Hawkman” finale “Seven Devils”

WRITERS: David Goyer & Geoff Johns

PENCILER: Steven Sadowski

INKERS: Michael Bair, Dave Meikis, Paul Neary, & Rob Leigh

COLORIST: John Kalisz


COVER ARTIST: Andrew Robinson



EDITOR: Peter Omasi

(first names according to

Hawkman manages to free himself and Hawkgirl from their plummet (I haven’t read the first two issues of this storyline so this is where I came in). Kendra is not sure about a relationship with Hawkman given that their “romance” is something from their past lives, and Hawkman’s past life thing is rather messed up. Anyway, they sneak in to the palace where Onimar Synn has taken control of Thanagar and the Nth metal. The other JSA members in this story (roll call: The Flash Jay Garrick, Mister Terrific, Atom Smasher, Doctor Fate, and Black Adam) manage to escape their prisons or damage and come to help. Synn transforms himself into a giant by merging with Nth Metal across the planet, but Hawkman convinces Hawkgirl to use the power of their past lives and their shared love to repel Synn’s dark power and destroy him. Our heroes are returned to Earth, but Carter/Katar/This week’s persona vows to return.

What they got right: I’m not completely sure what’s going on seeing as I’ve missed the previous issue and I think this is the only issue of the series overall I own, but they at least tell enough to follow along with this issue and make me curious what happened prior. There is some good action, and some decent character moments, showing that Jay Garrick knows what the Justice Society means to the younger superteams like the Justice League and Titans, as well as the currently odd relationship with Hawkman and Hawkgirl. The art is also really good. This is one of a group of comics I bought from Meiks at Brass City Comic Convention so I thought I’d mention that in case he’s reading. Miss seeing you, Dave.

What they got wrong: There’s a lot more killing by the heroes than I’m comfortable with. Hawkman and Hawgirl snapping necks, Atom Smasher ripping through a monster I presume ate him at smaller size or something…at least Black Adam killing without hesitation I expect but he doesn’t even do that. It’s basically a stalemate with Synn until he absorbs the Nth Metal and then the Hawks somehow stop him through love or their souls or something. I’m not really sure how this was resolved.

Recommendation: A decent story on its own but I recommend looking into the previous issues first.


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