Cain’s bridge club gets a bit rowdy.

Juggernaut: The Eight Day (or according to the publishing info Juggernaut #1)

Marvel Comics (November, 1999)

The Eighth Day” finale: “Eight Is Enough”

WRITER: Joe Casey

PENCILER: Terry Shoemaker

INKER: Scott Hanna

COLORIST: Mark Bernardo

LETTERER: Mike Heisler

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

(concluding from Peter Parker: Spider-Man volume 2 #11) Stonecutter moves the God Machine to North Pole, hoping to use the ley lines to power the machine. With Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Professor X, and Dr. Mann captured the only hope lies with the Juggernaut, as Xavier tries to boost Cain’s dislike of being controlled. He eventually takes control from Cyttorak and begins the fighting, but without humanity under the God Machine influence, which Stonecutter still insists on making happen. The heroes try to help out where they can but in the end it’s Juggernaut who destroys the God Machine. But if he survived as Professor X believe are the other Exemplars waiting to return?

What they got right: The finale of the “Eighth Day” mini-event is quite satisfying. The conclusion works, the fights are all really good, and for Marvel of the time the art is fairly decent. I think Casey understood this storyline better than the other writers, even Busiek and Stern who did most of the writing in their shared titles, as some gaps are filled in, including why the other Exemplars took so long to show up after Cain Marko first became Cyttorak’s Exemplar years ago.

What they got wrong: When Professor X’s astral form was dragged into the God Machine’s space last chapter his hoverchair did not come with it, and yet it’s here somehow. Some of these Exemplars had personal lives worth fighting for and I would have liked to have seen a few others fighting for their humanity. I doubt there will be a follow-up but I would love to see that happen if there is.

Recommendation: The “Eighth Day” story arc is pretty good overall, just not timed well in the lives of Thor and Spider-Man. It’s worth looking into though.

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  1. […] (Continued from Iron Man volume 3 #22) Mary Jane isn’t happy that Peter is Spider-Man again, but he isn’t happy someone’s been stalking her and she didn’t say anything. She didn’t want Peter to go back in the costume and was worried it was actually one of his enemies. They go to Mary Jane’s friend Jill to make sure she escaped some bombing from last issue only to find out that her father is going after some senator. Peter goes to the Daily Bugle for help finding him but something is wrong with the computers and the power. Spider-Man goes to investigate and finds the Exemplars building a “god machine” in the basement that will draw humanity into their battle. Spidey goes to the Avengers for help, with Iron Man and Thor the only ones there. As they’ve been dealing with this situation they head off with Vernon in the hopes of stopping the exemplars. Spider-Man goes to Professor Xavier, but with the X-Men disbanded due to events in their story (or dead, it doesn’t really say and I don’t really care) he joins them in astral projection form. With his and the two Avengers’ help, Spider-Man manages to damage a key component to the god machine, but during the fight Xavier is pulled physically through the projection and the battle moves to the North Pole, and the heroes drawn with them! (Concluded in Juggernaut: The Eighth Day) […]


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