“It’s the Zack Snyder fan brigade upset our cinematic universe is doing better!”

Peter Parker: Spider-Man volume 2 #11

Marvel Comics (November, 1999)

“The Eighth Day” part 3: “An Exemplary Day!”


COLORIST: Gregory Wright

LETTERER: Liz Agraphiotis

EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

(Continued from Iron Man volume 3 #22) Mary Jane isn’t happy that Peter is Spider-Man again, but he isn’t happy someone’s been stalking her and she didn’t say anything. She didn’t want Peter to go back in the costume and was worried it was actually one of his enemies. They go to Mary Jane’s friend Jill to make sure she escaped some bombing from last issue only to find out that her father is going after some senator. Peter goes to the Daily Bugle for help finding him but something is wrong with the computers and the power. Spider-Man goes to investigate and finds the Exemplars building a “god machine” in the basement that will draw humanity into their battle. Spidey goes to the Avengers for help, with Iron Man and Thor the only ones there. As they’ve been dealing with this situation they head off with Vernon in the hopes of stopping the exemplars. Spider-Man goes to Professor Xavier, but with the X-Men disbanded due to events in their story (or dead, it doesn’t really say and I don’t really care) he joins them in astral projection form. With his and the two Avengers’ help, Spider-Man manages to damage a key component to the god machine, but during the fight Xavier is pulled physically through the projection and the battle moves to the North Pole, and the heroes drawn with them! (Concluded in Juggernaut: The Eighth Day)

What they got right: With Juggernaut involved, Spidey knew to bring Professor X in and given that he’s one of the then not around X-Men in general and Xavier specifically his contribution should be important. Spider-Man’s trick of using Decay’s abilities against the god machine was clever.

What they got wrong: This is really bad timing for the current events in Spider-Man’s story just as it is for Thor’s. (Iron Man at least had a spare moment for these shenanigans.) The action is kind of rushed outside of Spider-Man going after the god machine. I would have liked to have seen more of the battle between Iron Man, Thor, and the Exemplars.

Recommendation: The weakest story in the event because Spidey already has a big problem and addressing it eats up a lot of time for this chapter of the arc. Worth getting if you’re following the Spider-Man titles of that time or this event, but not really a priority otherwise.


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  1. […] from Peter Parker: Spider-Man volume 2 #11) Stonecutter moves the God Machine to North Pole, hoping to use the ley lines to power the machine. […]


  2. […] (Continuing from Thor volume 3 #17) Iron Man manages to stop Inferno from destroying the Antiquarians and learn she’s Sam. Realizing the connection with Juggernaut and that this temple may be related to the one Marko Cain gained his powers, Mann locates another temple, which has already been claimed by Pigman, another Antiquarian. This one calls out to Zorba, turning him into Carnivore. Iron Man distracts him from the others until the arrival of Tempest and Decay, a game warden from Australia and a Stark-Fujikawa associate visiting an oil platform in Tahiti respectively, who spirit him away when Thor arrives. Meanwhile, Mann deciphers the glyphs on the temple wall and learns what’s going on. Juggernaut was chosen early (or possibly the spell to call all the avatars was interrupted), but now all the other avatars are awakening, each bearing a fraction of the power of eight arguing mystic entities. When the final avatar is called a great battle will be fought by them all until one remains standing. The question is what kind of collateral damage will happen in the meantime. (Continued in Peter Parker: Spider-Man volume 2 #11) […]


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