I usually leave the Transformers toy discussions to my other site but this one I had to share with you guys. In a move I know I never saw coming even given all the odd crossovers coming up in comics, in honor of the IDW crossover between their Transformers and Ghostbusters comics, Hasbro is releasing a transforming Ecto-1 as part of their new Transformers Collaborative series. The Retroist has a nice article about the toy while Ben’s World Of Transformers has images of it from the floor of the 2019 New York Toy Fair. I wonder if they’re going to do something for the Star Trek crossover. Show of hands, who doesn’t want a transforming Enterprise?

This isn’t new by the way. At one point Hasbro had a crossovers toyline, fittingly called Transformers Crossovers, featuring their Star Wars and Marvel Comics licenses. Too bad we never got that Pokémon one a lot of Beast Wars fans would have loved. And yes, if I somehow got this toy I would review it for The Clutter Reports along with some other really cool ones I saw promoted at Toy Fair via news sites, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.


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