Don’t worry, Ultimo. Not everybody can pull off a cape.

Iron Man volume 3 #24

Marvel Comics (January, 2000)

“Ultimate Fury!”

CO-PLOTTER: Kurt Busiek



INKERS: Rob Hunter, Don Hillsman, & Mark Nelson (first names according to the Marvel Database because heaven forbid a creator gets their full name in the credits)

COLORIST: Steve Oliff

LETTERER: Troy Peteri

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

Ultimo awakens and the ship’s crew is in danger. Rumiko tries to call Tony for help but loses her cell phone. Not that it would matter since Warbird shows up and starts pounding the daylights out of Iron Man, still upset that he knocked her out rather than deal with a drunken superhero as well as Sapper and Golden-Blade. Speaking of the villains, they end up helping with the rescue effort while Warbird smashed Iron Man into a plane’s wing. Realizing this is her fault, Carol succumbs to the alcohol poisoning after helping land the plane. Seeing Carol to the paramedics, Iron Man heads off to what’s left of the boat, where Sapper (well, Golden-Blade due to the language barrier) tells the story of how Ultimo destroyed Sapper’s world and how they all came to Earth. Now Ultimo is going after what’s left of Sapper’s fellow survivors, which means a direct course through Spokane!

What they got right: Tony and Pepper felt nothing and realize they’re just friends. Good, I rescind my complaint at the end of last issue but I’m keeping the rant there as a general trope complaint. While I don’t like seeing hero versus hero fights this one was at least a good battle, and maybe this will finally wake Carol up, but we’ll have to wait and see. While we still don’t have an origin for Ultimo in this issue we get more of his history and how he ended up on Earth.

What they got wrong: Happy didn’t see the part where the kiss led to nothing and now he thinks they’re getting together and they don’t know he saw them. So that troupe (or part of it) still stands unfortunately. Then again, he’s still trapped in the shielded house with her so maybe FINALLY they’ll start working things out. I want them back together, dang it! I don’t really know how Sapper and Golden-Blade were depicted in earlier issues since this is the only storyline I have with them so I can’t comment on their characterization or backstory here.

Recommendation: Another good issue, and I love the art on it. Pick this one up.

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