Bruce wore the wrong costume to the Flash-themed party.

Batman: Gotham Adventures #25

DC Comics (June, 2000)

“…Recognized, In Flashes, And With Glory…”

WRITER: Scott Peterson

PENCILER: Tim Levins

INKER: Terry Beatty

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Bob Schreck

The Flash follows a case of a computer hacker that had been causing mischief in Central City to Gotham City, and immediately gets on Batman’s bad side. As Robin and the two heroes deal with fallout of the hacker’s operations and other crimes they come across, they soon track down the culprit, a teenage girl who didn’t realize she was ruining or endangering lives, including her last target that the Flash rushes to save (the officer investigating has epilepsy and the girl had programmed her virus to have the screen flash) but Batman already cut the lines. However, Flash did manage to earn Batman’s respect even if their methods are different.

What they got right: The Flash had previously shown up in Superman: The Animated Series in the DCAU’s own take on the famous races between Superman and the Flash. So unlike a lot of these Adventures crossovers (including that one with Superman in The Batman Adventures #25) this one actually works in the DCAU. The story itself is also good, as we see the Flash is at least trying to do go and in his own way does succeed.

What they got wrong: The DCAU as a whole in my opinion really got something wrong with their portrayal of the Flash in both shows and comics. The Flash does think, but due to his connection to the Speed Force his perception of time is way off, and the world moves a lot slower for him than it does for anyone else, a requirement given his powers so he can keep from plowing into something moving in front of him too fast for him to avoid without that altered perception. This is never addressed and it happens here as well. Also, Barry was still dead in the main comics and the DCAU version is supposed to be Wally, but they always make him Barry. He’s a police scientist instead of the mechanic or whatever Wally actually was. He’s in Central City when Wally operated out of Keystone City. The comic gets both of these wrong even though Flash’s alter ego is technically not named. Also, the title doesn’t really make sense. I looked up the quote tied to the title and all I found were links to other reviews of this comic and a poem called The Prelude by William Wordsworth and outside of the one reference to “flashes” it really doesn’t fit.

Recommendation: A good team-up adventure. Worth checking out.

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