Clear your schedule folks. This is one is a cluster and that has nothing to do with stars. Celebrities maybe but not stars.

In a previously posted video from Midnight’s Edge we looked at the confusing history of the Star Trek license with a follow-up promised. Recently they released that follow-up, which includes how the licensing disaster, egos, major screw-ups, and genre bias has also messed up the Star Trek multiverse to the point that you don’t know what reality you’re setting foot in. Is it the classic continuity? The movies by Bad Robot? What’s the Prime continuity and does it involve the Transformers? It’s all a total mess and there’s no proof it’s going to get better.

Tonight I want to post a series of videos by Midnight’s Edge on the matter. The first is an overall summary (and with this mess 45+ minutes qualifies as a summary) of the rights issues between CBS, Paramount, and the Bad Robot and Secret Hideout production companies, the various continuities in the Star Trek multiverse and where the various interpretations actually belong, and just how we got into this disaster when the franchise got into the hands of people who didn’t care after previously being tossed around to the people that do.

If you aren’t interested in the larger license history and just want the basic details you need to figure out the timeline kerfuffle the second video is only about 25 minutes. It’s the “too long, didn’t watch” version focusing on the timeline stuff and should tell you what you want to know. The whole license chaos is interesting enough that I want to show both but you can choose which one you want.

Finally, they had an interview with Robert Meyer Burnett, who has made numerous Trek documentaries and was the director on the infamous Axanar fan film that led to the overly strict fan film rules. It’s just short of two hours long (including some last minute comments by the main Midnight’s Edge team) and you may want to have it on while doing other things since it’s in podcast form, but it’s a fascinating discussion of the full negative impact of the current directions the franchise has taken and references the information on other two videos.

For more on this situation subscribe to the Midnight’s Edge and Midnight’s Edge After Dark YouTube channels. Also check out Burnett’s YouTube channel for his thoughts on entertainment. And continue to visit here at the Spotlight as I’ll be following these reports to see if the franchise can pull itself back together and continue reviewing the Star Trek movies, shows, comics, novels, and if I get the opportunity video games I come across.

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  2. […] set in the alternate 24th century of the Prime timeline (as opposed to the Classic timeline…long story), can tap into that. I have heard this has not been proven in the pilot episode appearing on CBS […]


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