“I want to be popular with the ladies, not the robots.”

Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #29

DC Comics (November, 2006)

“In My Father’s House” part 2

WRITER: Stuart Moore

PENCILER: Jamal Igle

INKER: Keith Champagne

COLORIST: David Baron

COVER ART: Brian Stelfreeze


EDITOR: Michael Siglain

Between issues our heroes, joined by a new version of Pozhar, managed to rescue Professor Stein from someone called the Pupil, but he isn’t behind the robots Firestorm has been dealing with. Something one of them says leads Jason to suspect a connection to another of his foes, the Pionic Man, who requires a containment suit. (I don’t know if it’s the same deal as Captain Atom or not.) As Martin sets that meeting up Jason has to meet up with his father, who tells Jason he’s about to lose his house just as his ex-wife, Jason’s mom, comes back into his life. A remark from Jason has his father breaking out the fists but Jason surprises himself with a nuclear-powered punch despite not being Firestorm, and Martin able to contact him telepathically to get him out of there. As Firestorm, Firehawk, and Pozhar meet with the Pionic Man their mysterious enemy, who if I read his thought commentary right (and if it’s the same guy) was created by the Hiroshima bombings, is having a giant robot constructed in space.

What they got right: Some further mystery surrounding Jason’s powers and the history of the nuclear-powered people in this arm of the DC Universe offers potential for a story. While I’m not a fan of the cover I love the art and coloring (which is technically still the art) is really good.

What they got wrong: This isn’t the issue to come in on. I’m assuming the needs of the story mean that prior knowledge of events is important to really follow along, but unlike the issue I reviewed last week it isn’t as easy to come in on cold. I don’t know who the Pionic Man is or his backstory, and I have no clue who this other guy is either, or if he’s even the Pupil’s partner. Heck, I don’t know who the Pupil is but I’m assuming he showed up last issue, while Pionic Man is an older foe. This is where caption boxes come in handy.

Recommendation: I still want to check out this incarnation in better detail, and it’s worth looking into, but this isn’t the issue to start yourself on.


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