image source: Bleeding Fool

I’ve stayed out of the whole comics commentary because as I brought up last week I don’t think all the bases are being covered with the focus on political issues in modern comics. I do look at the results of those actions but I stay out of politics because we’re tired of even hearing what our side of the debate is going on about and just want a half-hour to forget everybody hates each other for not following the correct groupthink. This site’s focus in on the end product and the decisions made in the story, not what bonehead or genius put it there or why they did so unless their reasoning is something I really need to comment on. It’s all about what they did right and wrong in my reviews and commentaries. However, I do follow people in the debate, both liberal and conservative, who want escapist entertainment to actually be what it says.

Meanwhile the ideologues continue to attack anyone who either doesn’t share their point of view or is not extreme enough that they need to focus 24/7 on their hate. And if you don’t you may become the victim of swatting, a rather sick practice even as a practical joke where they trick the police into thinking a violent crime is being committed so they’ll go in guns a blazing in the hopes you’ll be shot to death by the cops, thus turning the police into a weapon against wrong-thinkers. This has happened more than once and it’s an evil practice, especially over comic books. I don’t share the elitist thinking of jerks like Bill Maher but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that comics are worth killing each other for, okay?

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