“I’ll just hold it in place until the glue dries, then you arm will be fine.”

Robotech Romance

Academy Comics, Ltd (November, 1996)

WRITER: Robert W. Gibson

“The Stars And The Tears”

ARTIST: Frances Birchfield

“Two Beers With A Skirt Chaser”

ARTIST: Serapio Calm

“”When The going Gets Tough…”

ARTIST: Michelle Birchfield

Three short stories of romance set in the Robotech universe, and oddly not released around Valentines Day. The first is a summary of Lisa Hayes love life from Carl Reber to Rick Hunter, set to a song by Lori. Songs don’t translate well into non-audio media so think of it as a poem and maybe it works.

The second tale is set after Robotech: Academy Blues #4, so I have this in the wrong spot in my collection. Roy is trying to drink Claudia away but it isn’t working. Claudia hears about his falling down the stairs (or rather getting beat up by the guy shadowing Lisa) and is looking for him. Rolf finds him in the bar and Roy tries to get him to admit his own unrequited love (which he doesn’t reveal is for Lori). Rolf says they should find Claudia but Roy knows how to get her to find him first…by going to talk with some pretty girls. Sure enough she shows up to yell at him. They have an odd relationship in the Academy comics. Cute story but not much else.

The final tale takes place in Sammie’s dream, as she and the other future bridge girls talk about Rolf while their friend Georgia ends up in the arms of that techie she was chasing during Academy Blues. Does that mean Sammie knows her and that she’s into the other guy she hasn’t met? It’s an odd choice, and so is the fanservice of Sammie in her nightie getting ready for bed. A little too odd for me.

Overall, this is not a must-own comic. The second story works for the overall theme of the trio of stories but in the end it’s not worth tracking down unless you really need to have every Robotech comic ever.

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  1. Sean says:

    There are certainly are a lot of options for original Robotech romance stories because ta times, Robotech also seemed like a soap opera instead of just a solid space opera. But the romance in Robotech is what made it realistic and appealing. It wasn’t just your typical “shoot em up aliens” type of science fiction.

    Had to take off work on Thursday and Friday due to an extremely bad cold. Still recovering today. So not sure how much I’ll get caught up with bwspotlight today.


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