Suddenly Lisa gained telepathic powers!

Robotech: Breaking Point (Cadet Lisa Hayes Special)

Academy Comics Ltd (December, 1996)

WRITER: Robert W. Gibson

ARTIST: Dusty Griffin

Lisa’s friends have set up a party for her “promotion” to Lt (ceremonial only as she’s still a cadet). Rolf finally gets a chance to ask Lisa for advice in asking out Lori, but she tries to dissuade him from doing so since Lori isn’t over some guy named Johnny. When he won’t be talked out of it, Lisa tries to prepare Lori, but nobody is prepared for one of the Federalists wanting to hide her failure. She kills one of her compatriots and is also planning to kill Lisa. When she doesn’t get the chance to stab her she tricks Rolf into bringing a bomb to the party, but Lori confuses it for another gift from Rolf and accidentally sets it off. Lori is killed and this shocks Lisa enough to toss away the diary she’s been writing “to Karl” with, supposedly saying good-bye.

What they got right: They wanted to tie up a few loose ends. That’s fine.

What they got wrong: Except they really didn’t. Not only does our surviving Federalist get away, but they killed Lori. Not only is that a terrible way to handle the romantic angle with her and Rolf (I don’t remember this Johnny character even being mentioned before, but if he was it wasn’t in any way memorable), but they killed off a perfectly good character. I would have been satisfied saying the other two got caught and letting it go, since the license was ending for the prequel series at this point, especially if it meant we could assume Lori was still around somewhere, maybe even marrying Rolf before the second Robotech War. The art is also terrible. This is Griffin at his worst, like he got worse as the prequel comics went on.

Recommendation: This really isn’t a very good send-off to the Eternity/Academy prequel series (Return To Macross, Academy Blues, Warriors, and the various specials). I really don’t recommend it.

And that’s it for the prequels, until we reach the Antarctic Press Robotech comics. Next week we begin the “Macross Saga”, which will be mainly adaptations of the episodes, or at least the issues I currently own. However, it’s not Comico’s run I’m starting with because the first episode was adapted by Academy and that’s the only version I own. Join me next time for “Boobytrap” and the beginning of the original odyssey of Robotech.

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