“Funny, the weatherman didn’t say anything about blue light explosions today. Then again the weathergirl on the radio did.”

Atomic Robo #1

Red 5  (October 2007 (print), July, 2009 (digital)

also available at atomic-robo.com, the official comic website

“The Will To Power”

WRITER: Brian Clevenger

ARTIST: Scott Wegner

COLORIST: Ronda Pattison

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

EDITOR: Michael Avon Oeming

The year is 1938. and mad scientist Baron Von Helsingard, a scientist working for the rising Nazi power, is conducting some really bad experiments, but he’s where the US government can’t bring them in. So a general offers Atomic Robo, a robot built by Nicholas Tesla, full rights as a human being if he brings him in. Helsingard has some kind of organ installed in him that will give him ultimate power…and also serves as a great weak spot when Robo uses his violence on him and blows him up. Before dying Helsingard has his brain transferred to a large robotic body. This won’t be their last meeting.

What they got right: Here’s that fun I was talking about last night. This comic doesn’t even begin to take itself seriously. The art is really good and so is Robo’s design. It’s a good set-up to the full Atomic Robo series but is also a good one-shot story if you prefer.

What they got wrong: Nothing comes to mind.

Recommendation: While I linked to the comic website above I own the trade of the first storyline and it’s money well spent. However you see it (this review comes from my comiXology library), I recommend checking it out. It’s a great series and I have some Free Comic Book Day reviews coming up from the digital library.

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