While Superman is my favorite DC superhero, and Firestorm #2 just on concept, Batman is clearly #3. When done right, Batman is worthy of the praise he gets, although sometimes the internet likes to give him the Chuck Norris treatment. No, he can’t defeat Galactus with enough “prep time”, and no he isn’t a better superhero because he doesn’t have powers but should never be underestimated because he’s that awesome. Batman as currently written as some kind of super genius with so many on the nose gadgets I’m surprised “shark-repellent Bat-Spray” is still considered a joke. He also doesn’t “need his pain” or want to remake any of his Robins into versions of him. In fact, he’s outright against that.

If anything, Bruce wants to keep them from turning into him, a brooding loner still learning to accept he’s part of a family when he grew up with only Alfred and a burning desire to keep anyone else from suffering his fate. Batman is trying to keep others from going what he went through and becoming what he became, while also trying to push back against the influx of crime in one of the most corrupt cities in the DC Universe. It’s out of love, not revenge or “needing his pain” or whatever crap they want to have him spout these days.

With Batman’s 80th anniversary around this time I wanted to do something for it, but between a video I’ve missed my personal deadline for…twice…and a doctor’s visit today I don’t have a lot of time. Plus…I don’t know what else special I can do right now to mark the occasion. Over 10+ years I’ve worked on this website I’ve talked about Batman a lot, and not just because he’s the current hotness as far as DC is concerned. That’s never pushed me before. Just doing another Batman article doesn’t feel like it would do justice, and I’ve already talked about all the anniversary worthy topics that could come to mind at this point. So if you’ll forgive me, here’s a list of article here at the Spotlight that showcases why Batman is great.

  • Detective Comics #27 review: Batman made his debut in May of 1939, and unlike Superman in Action Comics he was the only character to have any long-lasting impact in DC (or National at the time). In fact DC comes from “Detective Comics”, and thus Batman. I took a quick look at all the stories that were part of this anthology.
  • Scanning My Collection: My First Batman Comic: Batman #307 wasn’t my first introduction to Batman. That would come from television. However, it is my first Batman comic, and one of my three first comic books. It’s a tale in which none of Batman’s rogues gallery shows up, but does have Batman solving the murder of homeless people. If anyone tells you the darker version of Batman began with Frank Miller, remind them the Bronze Age happened and point to this comic as an example.
  • Batman: The Animated Bible: This is actually a series of article, the first show bible I examined, and it’s Batman. The differences between the early bible and what finally ended up on-screen is rather fascinating. There are people who call this the best take on Batman, with Mask Of The Phantasm considered the best theatrical Bat-film. I am among those people.
  • Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet: While technically a Robin story this is where the above scene comes from. It shows the positive influence Batman had on young Dick Grayson and if you’re going to do a Batman training Robin tale this is a better example than All-Star Batman And Robin.
  • Scanning My Collection> Batman: Digital Justice: The forgotten Batman alternate universe tale, in which Jim Gordon’s son takes up the mantle of the Batman, complete with his own Robin and Catwoman, as they face a Joker virus in the high-tech future long before Terry McGinnis came along. The first two acts are quite good. The third act…is where it fell apart.
  • SNS> Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians “The Fear”: The episode may not be there anymore due to copyright but I do discuss the episode. It was the first time we see the events that created Batman, showing that even people for some reason hate Super Friends can enjoy its final season. Had the Super Power Team style been the start of a new direction Hanna-Barbera would have gotten more credit.
  • Batkid Begins Trailer Drops: Nothing displays Batman’s legacy better than the time the Make-A-Wish Foundation tried to make a special day for one young Batfan and the event escalated into something amazing.
  • Tribute To Adam West: For many Adam West WAS Batman. It’s only fair to pay tribute to the late actor.
  • Who’s Better: Superman Or Batman?: It’s the big debate. I posted two debating videos and then added my two cents.
  • Batman: The 1943 Serial and Batman And Robin: The 1949 Serial: These come from my other website, The Clutter Reports, as I take a look at the two Batman movie serials from the 1940s. The first one took place during World War Two and the other a more faithful representation of Batman–more than its namesake movie from a few decades later at least.
  • Reconstruction Zone: Batman: While I still want to redraw that, and continue the series, this highlights how I would update Batman. I want to come back to this with a bunch of the other cast, then move on to another franchise.

I think that’s a fair amount of Batman for your dollar. (And you didn’t pay anything.) I’ll try to get some more Bat-celebrating in this week but I have that video and tomorrow’s novel review to get through.

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