"I've come to warn you about a man named...Dan!" "Not now, we're comparing scars."

“I’ve come to warn you about a man named…Dan!” “Not now, we’re comparing scars.”

Superman is (until the New 52/DC You ruined everything) my favorite DC superhero if not my favorite superhero altogether. However, I do love Batman as well (same disclaimer). So which superhero is actually the better superhero? NerdSync and BanditIncorporated both give their takes, even though their favorite is actually the other side of what they’re arguing.

So who do I think is better? I don’t care. Batman couldn’t handle villains like Braniac or Bizzaro without the right tool and Superman couldn’t figure out the Joker or Two-Face because they’re way too mentally unbalanced for his style. Both are masters of their own elements, and neither could function as well in, as a random example, Aquaman’s turf. It’s what makes the heroes interesting to watch or read and when one hero has to go to the other’s city it makes the dynamic interesting as a rare visit due to circumstances of being in a shared universe.

However, I like Superman best for the reasons Scott of NerdSync brought up. He is the model of what it means to be a better person, and the only person in the DC Universe outside of maybe Billy Batson you want having that incredible power (especially when you look at how DC writes their heroes nowadays, which actually removes Billy from the list). Batman is what we can be, but I liked him better in the Bronze Age, while Superman is what we should inspire to be not because of his powers and abilities but because of the kind of man he is even (with a good writer) without his powers. That’s why I love a good Superman story.

Personally I like them better when they’re best friends and fighting villains.

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