Isn’t this how Samson’s story ended?

Monolith #3

Comico The Comic Company (February, 1992–the comic has the indicia from the previous issue)


WRITER: Mort Castle

PENCILER: Mitch Byrd

INKER: David Mowry

COLORIST: Holly Sanfelippo

COVER ART: Kelley Jones (artist) & Neil Trais (colorist)

LETTERER: Susan Dorne

Tommy Czuchra is now traveling with Gayle Willis, a girl with powers he met during his adventure last issue. Tommy is still an amnesiac, thanks to not being able to stop a suicide in a previous issue, and believes his last name is Thompkins while his Monolith form is simply a Hulk-style monster named Monster, who is actually his uncle. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either but the kid has issues right now. When the driver they hitched a ride with tries to molest the little girl while bad guys working for a white supremacist group (at least I think that’s what they are) try to capture our heroes “Monster” takes them both down. “Agent Smith” and “Mr. Bland” send another paranormal, the dog-headed PI Skip Tracer, to find them. Meanwhile they’re joined by a dog Tommy believes to be “his” dog Shane, who helps “Monster” fight an actual monster who appears out of nowhere. Now the trio are headed to Chicago, where a man named Buckeye Jim is waiting to help them.

What they got right: Including background information about the character and the events of the previous issues in this storyline was a positive, especially since the title hero is suffering amnesia and doesn’t know his past. It also gets readers up to speed without clumsy dialog in the comic.

What they got wrong: Except we do get clumsy dialog anyway through our storyteller, a woman named Selena Lazone, who acts as a Rod Serling type narrator of events. And this is more a personal issue than a critique, but this is just as violent as the other Elementals Universe tales I’ve reviewed recently as he tosses the pedophile into the helicopter, which kills an honest cop along with the group’s agent and the pedophile. This is not my kind of comic.

Recommendation: The story is told well enough, the art is decent, and I like the historical part in the beginning to not take away from the story but makes sure new readers aren’t lost, but this is not something I’m personally interested in. As a critic I could recommend it, but as a reader I’ll take a pass. I’m really not the target group for the Elementals universe.

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