Many moons ago I went looking for information on a show called Power Masters, a cartoon based not on the Transformers Powermasters figures but a Lionel toyline that had little to do with the toy trains they’re mostly known for. The concept is credited to Victor G. Reiling, who originally titled the toys Motor Masters, which still would have brought Transformers sites up given the Stunticon commander was also called Motormaster, another two-word Lionel/one-word Transformers situation During the one time it aired around me either the station, the cable, or (ironically as you’ll soon see) power went out, or something happened to the recording. Either way I never got to see more than a few minutes of it. Finding information on Power Masters isn’t easy due to the Transformers and their one-word Powermasters dominating the search results. Even finding the show’s intro required me to outsource to someone better at finding obscure stuff. That posting has gotten me a surprising number of hits. If you read the comments the man who posted the intro to YouTube, Professor Doc, stated that he’s wanted to post the full miniseries but has been reluctant to. I also brought in Douglas Booth, who wrote the episodes. Neat.

Well, while backtracking one of the links coming to that post I learned that Professor Doc finally decided to upload the episodes, figuring the rights owners must not care or something. However, he rant into a snag as the videocassette (who remembers those?) he used is not in perfect condition. The result was that he wasn’t comfortable uploading everything and just posted long clips from the three episodes that were released, filling in the gaps with text to catch people up. While I’ve been waiting for him to post either the last act of episode three or another text synopsis it doesn’t look like we’re getting either, so here’s what he has posted, just to show you what the show was like.

That’s the intro, until recently the only footage of the show I was able to find, and even then I needed help. Act one introduces the evil Ergs and the threat they bring to Earth.

I think I saw a few minutes past this, as Lucky somehow thought to wrap gold foil around Duke’s computer or something (it’s been years since I saw it) which allowed him to function. I guess gold cancels death gold. Professor Doc will you fill you in on the rest of act two, since that’s where the recording was in terrible shape, before showing act three.

While I still don’t care for the Fusionoid design, I’m guessing the idea was that they were mobile fusion batteries with guns and AI computers. It makes a bit of design sense but I still want to know how they fly with those little jets. The story itself is decent. The Ergs may look cheap but they do represent a decent threat as they search for gold to weaponize. I’m thinking it might have been the designs that at least turned kids off to the toys but it is nice to finally see the story (some of it) and you can tell everyone was trying to make a good show and it wasn’t too bad. Maybe someday someone will post the entire miniseries but until then these two parts of episode one and the middle act of episode 3 below are what we have to get an idea of how the series would have gone. Professor Doc will catch you up on episode 2 and the first act of episode 3 but is missing the last act of 3 so I don’t know how this story ends. Watch if you’re curious though. Enjoy.

UPDATE: 7/9/2021: Professor Doc just informed me that he has finally been able to upload the final act of episode 3. We’re still missing episode two and the rest of episode one as of this update but at least we can finally see how the third episode ends.

And my thanks to Professor Doc for posting these, as well as the Obscure for finding the original intro for me, and to ZacWilliam1 on the All-Spark Transformers forum that links to that old intro post for the update. (I knew him in the old Usenet days. I didn’t realize we lived in the same state.)


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  1. Sean says:

    I definitely don’t remember this cartoon or the toys. What year was this cartoon and the toys out?


  2. […] UPDATE–4/14/2019: Professor Doc recently uploaded most of the miniseries, or at least what was in decent shape in his collection, which I’ve posted as part of Saturday Night Showcase. Check it out here. […]


  3. […] Masters” (not to be confuses with the Powermasters–or Godmasters in Japan–or the Power Masters): Dai Atlas, who was the new leader of the Autobots (or Cybertron in Japan), and his comrade Sonic […]


  4. Professor Doc says:

    Hey this is Professor Doc, I did finally post the final act. Using a game capture instead of a converter on my computer i was able to stabilize the end of the mini series. Its full screen now instead of boxed but it was the best I could do.


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