picture of me and pro wrestler King Kong Bundy, at a local wrestling event

It’s rare that I discuss the passing of a celebrity I’ve actually met because I meet so few, even at conventions. However, I was surprised to find a posting about former WWF favorite King Kong Bundy (born Christopher Pallies) passing away at age 61. As I said, I met him once during an event for local wrestling promotion Northeast Wrestling. That picture in place of the usual RIP photo isn’t me playing around. I went over to get his autograph and he offered to take a picture with me, so I did. Just before the photographer took it he surprised me by wrapping those big hands around my neck; not with a tight grip mind you and it was all in fun but that’s a legitimate look of surprise on my face. Despite being known as a heel wrestler he was actually a pretty cool guy. (Kayfabe can suck it by the way because I wouldn’t have had this memory with it in place.) My condolences to his family and friends.


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  1. Sean says:

    Sorry to hear about King Kong Bundy’s passing. His passing away happened when I was coping with a bad cold, so I wasn’t paying attention to the news as much at that time in March. Thus, I also didn’t find out about Bundy’s passing until today. As a kid in the 80s who watched wrestling, I do remember King Kong Bundy very well. He was a fun wrestler to watch, and I enjoyed his appearances on Married with Children with the Bundy family! Also, I had totally forgotten about that unique pic of you with King Kong Bundy. That’s a keeper, and now the kind of pic that may go viral (in a good way) now that you’ve posted it online, Tronix. The pic definitely shows Bundy’s playful side. Rest in peace, King Kong Bundy.

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