Star Trek: Early Voyages #13

Marvel/Paramount Comics (February, 1998)

“Future Tense” part 2

WRITERS: Ian Edginton & Dan Abnett

PENCILER: Patrick Zircher

INKER: Steve Moncuse

COLORIST: Marie Jarvis

LETTERER: Janice Chiang

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

Mia learns that the Enterprise she finds herself on now is a museum piece, and with security not exactly looking to calm her down, she panics and run off. She’s observed and found by Jim Kirk, Mia’s former replacement who quit Starfleet after not getting along with Pike, now serving as the captain of the Bounty, a crew of merchantmen. Believing the key to getting her back home are the keepsakes on Agol, Kirk and his crew agree to take her there even though it’s currently under Klingon control. They run into a Klingon bird of prey commanded by General Chang and despite putting up a decent fight has to be rescued by Captain Pike and the new Enterprise-A. Except they’re actually here to arrest Kirk and his crew.

What they got right: It’s a What If story (not new for Marvel) in which Captain Kirk ends up becoming Pike’s yeoman instead of starting his career on the Farragut, thus altering the course of his career. Scotty even serves as his engineer instead of on the Enterprise, and finds a wife among the small crew who also happens to be Kirk’s first officer. Kirk still keeps his desire to help others, sometimes taking charity cases like Mia’s. Frankly I wouldn’t mind seeing another adventure with this crew and given how alternate universes are treated in Trek these days it could be possible. Although given how Trek itself is treated these days I might end up regretting that coming to pass. Mia refers to the phasers as “laser pistols”, which is a term they still used in the first pilot and thus her using the term isn’t out of place when nobody calls them lasers by Kirk’s time as captain of the Enterprise.

What they got wrong: I am curious how Scotty ended up here but I don’t know how he ended up on the Enterprise in Marvel’s take either. There was no official reason given in the show and the only novel I have on the origins, Enterprise: The First Adventure, had him already the engineer. (I did a Chapter By Chapter review of that book if you’re curious.) How was he tied to yeoman Kirk? The last panel tried too hard to get everyone they wanted into the panel–Pike, Sulu, Uhura, Spock, Savvik, and Joe are all smooshed in together, like the bridge was a third of its proper size. At least zoom out a bit more; you’re on a splash page.

Recommendation: It’s an interesting story thus far. I’m hoping this doesn’t do the usual nonsense where they “get” to kill everyone because it’s an alternate universe. It’s done a bit too often and it’s become cliché. Thus far worth looking into though.

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