“Darn mosquitoes.”

Atomic Robo & Friends Free Comic Book Day 2011

Red 5 (May 2011)

Again, I’m using the comiXology version so the other comics promoted in this special, Foster Broussard and Moon Girl, are not here. Given how hard it is to get an Atomic Robo Free Comic Book Day book when it comes out I don’t even know if I have it. So I’m only able to review Robo’s story.

“Science Fair” (story title according to atomic-robo.com, where you can read this story yourself)

WRITER: Brian Clevinger

ARTIST: Scott Wegener

COLORIST: Ronda Pattison

LETTERER: Jeff Powell

Atomic Robo heads for his most dangerous mission yet…a school science fair. Between science paparazzi and the granddaughter of a former member of his team, Robo still has to find time to deal with Dr. Dinosaur, who wants to steal the girl’s project. It happens to be the completion of one of her grandfather’s unfinished inventions and it’s not easy to protect a ten-year-old girl determined to use that project to get into Tesladine. While Robo and his team managed to stop Dr. Dinosaur he escapes in their own van, which I should note is painted like the A-Team van. While the girl’s wish can’t come true now in the year 2021 she will see her dream of becoming an action scientist come true. (Unless the writer forgets this is supposed to happen.)

Did you click the link to read this comic yourself on the Atomic Robo website? If not, do so now. If you did then you already know this is was the best kind of insanity. Really, I don’t even think I can review this. It’s one of those comics you have to experience for yourself. Right from the start no summary can really do it justice. If I haven’t already convinced you to read it there’s nothing else I can do besides posting it below, which would get me in trouble and take up a lot of space. Just go read it.

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