I tried watching Dragon Ball Super once but for some reason I couldn’t get interested in it. I don’t know if it was just the wrong day of if something else was up, but it wasn’t clicking with me. And I enjoyed the other shows in the franchise. Even Dragon Ball GT produced some interesting concepts…just not enough of them and not always very well. I still enjoyed the idea that the Dragon Balls could be overused and the side effects that came with it. But why did they decide to make Goku a kid again?

As this is a site about the art of storytelling, the below video from Masako X, who plays Goku in Team Four Star’s Dragon Ball Z Abridged, took a look at how some characters changed and whether or not it was for the better. Change can be good, if it’s a good change for the right reasons. Far too often I’ve seen characters change for no other reason than the author wanted that character to change even if fans loved him or her the way they were. The changes in the Dragon Ball franchise depends on the creator and writer, Akira Toriyama, his editors, and the people at Toei Animation who create the show (and to some extent Funimation’s dubs). Were they good changes or bad changes? Let’s ask “Goku”.

Like I said, I don’t really watch Super so I can’t really follow those changes. The only one I can fully comment on is Trunks because I don’t understand why present Trunks has to turn into future Trunks (or rather alternate future Trunks). Future Trunks grew up in a world where androids had slowly wiped out humanity like a two-member Terminator team. He would have a personality that came from that time, especially without his father’s influence. However, Present Trunks grew up with his father’s influence in a time where he could kick all kinds of butt. I understand Masako’s explanation as to why they did it, but since alternate future Trunks shows up every now and then, plus is important to the time-traveling Xenoverse games (and really is interesting enough that I could see a spin-off with him based on those games as a protector of time), you already have the popular Trunks, and I kind of liked DBZ present Trunks as well.

If you want to see more Dragon Ball discussions, as well as the audio drama Dragon Ball R&R, based on one of his many what if scenarios (I need to post one of those episodes here soon), check out his YouTube channel.


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