There you have it, all 51 comics coming out on Free Comic Book Day, the annual attempt to draw new readers into the comic store because comics seem to be reserved there these days. Look, I love my local comic store and I wish my unemployed behind could go back to visiting once a week for new comics, but the best way to bring comics to the masses is to go where the masses are and make comic stores a place to find newer material, back issues, and fellow fans ready to discuss their favorite medium like meetings at a bookstore. Free Comic Book Day is a good way to draw people to the store, but not enough to draw people into comics since the comic readers are the only ones who know about it on the day it’s coming.

Of course, someone reading the list while providing covers isn’t enough to decide which ones I would like to add to my collection. Luckily there are samples available on the official website of the event. It’s not the full comic mind you but a few pages to give you an idea what to look for, given how some stores operate and the fact that some of the best go fast. Comic stores don’t get these for free, they have to pay for them, so they have to guess what guests and hopefully future customers might like, and order accordingly. The Gold costs more than the Silver but with an oversized comic collection I’m still organizing and paring down I can’t get everything. The question is what ones do I think I’d enjoy? Well, let’s take a peek.


  • Doctor Who: Granted the TV show, as I went over, seems a bit lackluster. They seem afraid to take any chances lest they offend someone with their first female regeneration. I’m curious if the comics give her and her Companions a bit more personality, something to make them interesting.
  • Pokémon: I Choose You: Honestly, I’ve never owned a Pokémon comic before and I’m curious. I expect this one to go early though.
  • TMNT: Casualty Of War: I miss getting the Ninja Turtle comics. While I don’t like the direction IDW took Transformers their Godzilla and Turtle stories were usually really good (although Godzilla had a slow start) and I hope someday to collect all the issues I’m missing, even if I’m forced to go the trade collection route. This one looks action packed.
  • Under The Moon: A Catwoman Tale: I’m not sure I’m going to get this one mind you, but I want to take a look. The website doesn’t have a preview but I’m curious what the DC Ink imprint is going to do with a teen-centered Catwoman or Raven graphic novel. Hopefully it can’t be any worse than the Wonder Comics imprint and what it did to the Wonder Twins, or the odd choices made in the Earth-One graphic novels.

Not too many interesting comics in the Gold list this year, at least for me. I have no interest in “savage” Avengers, what the CW did to the Archie gang, or vampires and murderers. Maybe Silver will have more to offer?

Silver Comics

  • A Sheets Story: This is more curiosity than anything else due to the preview. I don’t know if it will be any good but it may be interesting.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Striker Force 7: No preview but I like the costume. This one I’d flip through out of curiosity but whether or not I pick it up I’m not certain.
  • Dear Justice League: While I don’t think this is the best way to expose new kids to the DC Universe, and they haven’t seen much of it given Cartoon Network’s poor treatment of Justice League Action here in the states (or anything that isn’t Teen Titans Go or a derivative) it still sounds like a fun idea for young fans of the DC heroes. Apparently DC doesn’t think kids need classic superhero stories.
  • Ghost Hog: It seems like this year has more curiosities than really must-have stories. This is another one.
  • Hope: Finally, one I’m actually interested in besides just the Ninja Turtles. It seems like a good old superhero comic, debating superpeople the way Marvel could when the idea was new to that universe but with a bit more of DC’s lost fun.
  • Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World & Kodansha All-Ages Sampler: I have yet to watch the anime but I’ve been seeing SF Debris’ reviews of the series and it looks interesting. Yep, we’re back to that. The same for the Cardcaptor Sakura section of the other manga sample, although I did watch a few episodes of Cardcaptors, the first US TV version.
  • Malika–Fire And Frost: Honestly, I just really like the art, but the story has the potential to be interesting even if I’m not aware of the series.
  • Punchline: This one has potential too. I wonder how it handles a passing the torch story?
  • Star Wars Adventures: I like Star Wars. I also like the Incredibles but I have yet to see the second movie and I’m questioning getting that comic. There’s no preview for it. The Star Wars preview looked interesting, which I think I’ve written way too much in this list.
  • Street Fighter: The preview looks fun and I have a mild interest in the franchise. Why not?
  • The Tick: It’s the Tick. Why wouldn’t I want one?

That’s what I’m hoping for or at least what I’m curious about. Curiosity seems to trump real interest this year. I’ll probably live tweet my reviews over Twitter like usual, or try to, under the hashtag BW_FCBD (you can see the previous ones using the tag now) with a full wrap-up article afterwards. AND REMEMBER!!!!! IF YOU GO THERE AND YOU HAVE MONEY BUY SOME ACTUAL COMICS TOO! The comic store pays for this out-of-pocket so giving them a few bucks to say thank you at a time when comic stores are going out of business is a good thing. If I had money I would, but if you do, then do so. Or buy some merchandise, or some bags and boards to put your free comics in. And respect the opinions of your fellow comic getters while respectively discussing and debating the offerings this year. A little kindness shouldn’t be so hard. Just don’t bring up politics. These Free Comic Book Day events should be fun.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I’m looking forward to the Robotech: Event Horizon free comic book. It’s going to begin an even more totally radical, new direction for Titan’s Robotech comic series. Maybe I’ll also pick up the Dr. Who free comic too. After all, my local comic book store does allow adults to pick two free comics….might as always take advantage of the opportunity! Plus, I’m kind of curious about what this female Doctor is like. My back issues want list will be with me because my local store always puts on special back issue sales on Free Comic Book Day. If I can’t find any of those, then I’ll possibly pick up some classic Marvel Godzilla comics.


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